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"I Love My Job!"

A wealthy businessman once said "The secret to success is to find something you love to do then find a way to get paid for it." People who are extremely successful usually say they love their job so much that they would do it even if they didn't get paid!

What is your ideal job? Take some time to think about what you enjoy doing and whether there is a way to make a living from it. If you are having difficulty coming-up with something, here are some fun and unusual jobs that people are actually paid to do.

Fun and Unusual Jobs

Animation Voice Over   

Imagine watching a cartoon and hearing your voice as one of the characters! If you love to talk and can change the sound of your voice, you may want to consider cartoon voice acting. A good place to start is to take some acting and voice over classes and then create a professional animation demo to send to casting agents and potential employers. There is also a market for voice over actors in radio, video games, television and toys. 

Barbie Dress Designer

BarbiesCredit: Introspective PicsIf your two favorite things are fashion and dolls, and you have a degree from a fashion design school, this just may be the perfect job for you! Imagine working for Mattel designing clothes for their popular Barbie dolls. Think of all the possibilities to be creative and have fun as a Barbie fashion designer. Also, don't be discouraged if Mattel isn't hiring at the moment, you can apply at other companies such as American Girl or Bratz dolls. You can also find other toy doll manufacturers at

Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Flavor Guru

The job of a Flavor Guru is to taste the best food in the world and then come-up with the ultimate and best tasting flavored ice cream. Flavor Gurus "mix, blend, chop, whip, fold, puree, and taste, taste, taste until they come up with an unrivaled pint of pure ice cream euphoria," and "make tempting your taste buds their business."  While this would be a dream job for anyone, it is not an easy one to get, for more information go to the Ben and Jerry's webpage.

Cruise Line Photographer

Cruise Lines use photographers to capture the experiences of their customers. Some of the responsibilities include shooting, processing and selling digital photography on board, including guest pictures of embarkation, portraits, and group photos at ports of call, dining room, pool/deck, and weddings. Responsibilities also include selling retail items such as cameras, batteries, digital media, folios, albums, etc. You must also be a "people person" and have an outgoing personality.  If you're a professional photographer with the above qualifications, and you would like to embark on an adventure on a cruise ship, this sounds like the perfect job for you!

Fortune Cookie Writer

Fortune Cookie(86468)Credit: MorgueFile.comEvery fortune cookie must have a fortune, and each fortune was written by someone. Think of all the fortunes you’ve read over the years, like; "There is a true and sincere friendship in your future,"  "You will find some lost money," or "It is better to be alone than in bad company." These all came from creative writers who were lucky enough to find work writing fortunes for cookies.


Greeting Card Writer

If you are a writer, you may want to look into a career writing greeting cards. Card companies hire competent and creative people to write those fun, catchy, and/or sentimental sayings you find in greeting cards. You can send your resume and a sample of your writing skills to several card companies online. The competition is high so be sure to send your best work.

LEGO Master Model Builder

If your favorite thing to do is play with LEGOs and you're pretty good at it, you may just want to think about applying to work as a LEGO Master Model Builder. Imagine getting paid to play and create things with LEGOs! This fun job provides an opportunity to turn a beloved childhood pastime into a dream career but you must be a skilled craftsman with a passion and enthusiasm for the brand. Job seekers undergo creative LEGO challenges in front of a panel of judges who are searching for talent and enthusiasm, and the most creative candidates are chosen as LEGO Master Model builders. So if you can build anything and everything out of LEGO bricks you may want to try out for a full-time position as the Master Model Builder! To get more information, including when and where Master Model Builder competitions are being held, go to the LEGO website.   

Tricycle Rider and Photographer for Google Maps

Google has hired several lucky people to ride around on tricycles through the streets that are inaccessible by automobiles, and take photos of historical sites to add as three-dimensional images to Google's Street View Maps. These bike rider-photographers ride around wearing Google tee-shirts with white helmets and carrying a long pole holding nine cameras, a GPS, a computer and a generator.  Google has also begun mapping college campuses for its Google Maps with “streetview” technology that snaps pictures in a 360 degree range.  People can use Google’s streetview to see what an area looks like, just as if you were actually there. The benefit of mapping the paths with the tricycle is that it allows mapping and photographing of areas that cannot be done using an automobile. Riding a tricycle for Google maps is a fantastic job, however, you must be able to maneuver and pedal the tricycle while carrying and using heavy photography equipment.

Video Game DesignerVideo Game(86469)Credit:

If you love playing video games, you may be suited for a career in designing them. A degree in graphic design will help get your foot in the door, and a good imagination may just seal the deal.



Window Display Designers at Disneyland and Disney World Parks

The window displays at Disneyland are some of the most creative, beautiful, and unique displays anywhere! If you have a degree in design and enjoy everything from coming-up with a theme, creating a display and installing them in the windows, this is the job for you! The Window Display Designers for Disneyland and Disney World Parks work throughout the Parks and Resorts creating beautiful works of art in the form of window displays.


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