Table Top Air Hockey is Fun for Family and Friends

Table Top Air Hockey Table

I remember when I was a kid, and I would walk into an arcade or bowling alley, the first thing that always caught my eye was the air hockey table.  The air hockey table was different than the other games in the room.  It took up more space.  It wasn't a video game.  It involved hand-to-hand battle against another human.  You had to operate the cool sliding-quarters thing to make it work.  Then the best part: the simultaneous noises of the puck clunking down, the electronics buzzing, and the air beginning to blow.  Who can forget that moment?

Fortunately, you don't have to go to an arcade or bowling alley to find fun ways to play air hockey.  With a table top air hockey set you can play at home with your friends, your kids, or anyone else who wants to feel the excitement of the hand-to-hand battle of air hockey.

There are several variations of table top air hockey that you can purchase.  There is a large table available that has 800 square inches of playing area and weighs 20 pounds.  Amazon is currently selling this table for $89.99.

Another variation is a small air hockey set that is 264 square inches that weighs 8.5 pounds.  This is the table that is played in my house.  My 3-year old received it for Christmas and loves it.  It uses AA batteries so there is no cord needed, and you are free to play wherever you want (we tend to play mostly on the floor).  This set has a switch under the table that turns on a fan motor which filters air throughout the holes in the table.  The puck glides well over the table despite the small size.  While the surface area is small, it is a great game for kids.  This table top air hockey set is currently selling on Amazon for $31.99. 

These two tables are just a couple of examples of table top air hockey sets that are available.  There are a myriad of sets to choose from. 

If table top air hockey just isn't your thing you can still purchase larger air hockey tables for your home.  Whether you want a small table that is inexpensive but still allows you to stand up (as opposed to sitting at a table or the floor), or if you want to go all out and buy an actual, regulation-sized table, all options are available.  Go check out the air hockey tables and determine the right one for you.

Before you purchase, make sure you read the reviews so you do not run into any problems that you might not be able to notice from the online description.  Some sets do not slide the puck well or allow the puck to fall through the goal.  You do not want to open the box just to have to temper your excitement when you find out the pieces are not mechanically sound.

Whether it's the table top variety or a stand-up table that you are searching for, once you find the right air hockey table you will provide fun and entertainment for everyone in the family.  Those sights and sounds of your childhood can be brought from the arcade right into your home.