Can you believe the increased popularity of tanning stickers? People are using tanning bed stickers as fashion statements or proof of social status. It's hard to believe that someone would go through all of the time and expense of getting a tan at a salon to leave a part of their body pale and unexposed. Most people identify bad tans as having spots left on their body pale. But, people are purposely using stickers to keep some of their skin at a natural tone.

Using a sticker to preserve a part of your body seems like something that kids would do for fun. Kids like to show their friends funny things like how much sun they got. Now, adults are using tanning stickers to keep a part of their body of natural skin color. These stickers show the differences of tanning before and after.

Tanning bed stickers are being used like tattoos. They come in all shapes and sizes. Now, these stickers have a personal identity and describe a little bit about you. Among popular crowds, just the presence of a tanning sticker shows that you have enough money to pay for periodic tanning.

Popular places for tanning stickers on women include the lower back and near breasts. Men typically like to put the stickers on their arms or shoulders. Some people like to put the stickers on tan lines. These stickers are typically put in places that you would typically see a tattoo. The parallels are stunning.

You can find a tan sticker at pretty much any tanning salon or on the internet. They come in any shape you can think of. Ranging from flowers to cartoon characters. You can even get custom stickers. You just need to find a designer who will make what you want for a tan sticker. It really is a fun and sexy way to show off your new tan.

It really is interesting to use tanning stickers to see the before and after effects of tanning. Some people like to use the stickers to monitor the progress of their tans. If you are using stickers as a way watch the progression of your tan, make sure you are able to place the sticker on the exact part of your body. Otherwise, every time you tan, you'll be darkening the original location of the sticker. If you darken old sticker spots, you won't be able to see the full change of tanning. Also, your use of the sticker won't be as prominent.