When people decide to remodel the outsides of their houses, they frequently hire painters or have siding replaced. While these steps can sometimes achieve the desired effect; there are more subtle ways to improve the appearance of a home. Prominently-placed accents can add warmth, beauty and style, especially when placed where guests will easily see them. What's more, when homeowners choose functional accents, they get extra value; because they improve their property, while adding to its beauty.

Ornamental steel doors

When you think of steel doors, you might imagine ugly rows of vertical bars; however, nowadays, they are available in a variety of styles that add personality and beauty to a home. Many steel doors are now composed of ornamental steel, molded in various styles and patterns, such as Vineyard, Copper Plate, Barcelona, Florentine; as well as an array of customized styles that focus on nature, sports and more. Not only do these doors provide substantial aesthetic appeal, they add an extra element of security that makes them functional, as well as beautiful.

Ornamental window guards

Like doors, ornamental window guards come in patterns and designs that mix security with style. When homeowners match guards with doors, they can create the illusion that their home was remodeled by Italian, French or Spanish designers.

Glass railings

Available for interior and exterior purposes, glass railings are actually glass-paneled fences that are typically used to surround home recreational areas, such as fire pits, backyard pools and more. That being said, since the glass panels are available in custom patterns, many people also like to use them along interior stairs. Because these fences are treated to prevent breakage and scratching, they hold up well to relatively tough conditions; and since the glass is transparent, this type of fencing is ideal for homeowners who want physical barriers that aren't so obstructive.

Wooden and ornamental gates

Gates also provide homeowners an opportunity to enhance the look of their houses. Like doors and windows, metal gates can be crafted using ornamental steel available in an array of themes, designs and styles. Composite and redwood gates are also available to homeowners who want their homes to look warmer or more rustic. The latter variety can be stained to resemble some of the more popular hardwoods, such as walnut, cherry and oak.


If you choose to have functional accents installed in or around your home; be sure they match. When accents are coordinated, they can drastically enhance the look of a home; however, when they are mismatched, they can make a house look tacky and disjointed.