Management functions - HR manager

Managing people within a company

It is a fact that not all of those who have passed an employment screening process and hired as employees of a company or a certain organization are near perfect in terms of character and working competence. There may be a person who excels in a particular task but drinks a lot after work causing him to be late the other day, a lazy employee who works best only when the boss is watching, or an individual who looks good at the outside but has a tendency to manipulate his reports or steals company materials. All of these are examples of inefficient employees who are detrimental to the over-all objectives of the organization.

Hence, a human resource manager should have the proficiency to psychologically evaluate the characters of these kinds of employees. It is suggested that a company doesn't have to retrench or fire an incompetent employee outright. There are means to correct these problems. It is easier and productive for an employee to work for a company if he is regarded as a human being, not a mechanical object hired to increase productivity. As Akio Morita said, founder of Sony Corporation, a company should treat its employees as colleagues and helpers rather that as mere means to earn profits.

When one feels as a part of a company and is important in its operations, this individual has a tendency not to engage in activities, such as what have been cited above, that might disrupt his work within the company and strain his relationship with its employees. He/she would endeavor to assist the company for its own well-being. Examples that will prevent these vices or activities from being committed are conducting of character development seminars, employee counseling and rehabilitation programs sponsored by the company.

Much is needed to straighten erring employees, but the surest way to start their reformation is by simply understanding them.