The 'Lucky Money' Method

This article will be of extreme interest not only to the frugally inclined, but to anyone caught up in the rat's maze of day to day living amidst this very challenging economy.  It would not surprise me at all to find out that your money is extremely tight,  overleveraged,  your paycheck has already disappeared before you've spent it, nada, missing, out of here!

Don't worry.  I am not going to tell you to bet on the lottery, or spend the day at the track.  I am not going to tell you to start looking for dimes and pennies in the cracks in the pavement along  the street, or to start collecting tins or pop bottles out of desperation.  What I am going to tell you is a simple formula that can help make your life get better if you let it, but you will have to work at it.  This is not a way to get rich.  This is just a new way of looking at an age old problem of how to get what you want and need eventually when you have less to start with in the first place. 

Okay, you may be wondering what is this magic formula, or age old wisdom I am speaking of.  It is simply this;  a formula based on an unshaking faith in yourself that you can make your dreams come true in an unbelievable way if you believe in yourself, and am willing to do it in small ways.  You are willing to start your dream.  You will do it in small hardly perceptible increments (baby steps if you will) and keeping the vision before you, get done what you need to do until fait accomplished.  A very biblical message, like the one St. Paul stated about the one True Prize  we should all be striving for.

 Okay, I get the vision, and what my true ultimate prize worth living for should be;  but what is going to solve my problem of having no money?  Where do I find it?  Where will it come from?  I absolutely have no windfall  I am coming into, or relative that's leaving me anything, no trust fund, no lucky star!  Where money art thou?  Not in my wallet!

Listen friend, it's all around you.  Prosperity is everywhere.  Well, so is poverty, but you don't need that, right!  Okay, lets get to it then.  What exactly am I to do?  From world class baseball players, to doctors, lawyers, fortune 500 executives,  army personnel, ministers, housewives, students, your answer to the dilemma is unfolding.

The answers of course are within you yourself, within your own brain and heart.  But not to sound too hokey, or that I am wasting anyone's time, I will endeavour to put forth a straight answer to the simple formula that will help you out for as long as you will apply it.  It will never cease to work if you exercise the Method correctly, and will help you and your family and loved ones for years to come.  It is up to YOU,  and you alone.  Of course nothing will work if you won't do it.

This Method is perfectly scientific.  It is not a business, it is a Method.  It is not a scam, or get- rich scheme.  It is perfectly legal and safe, and can be applied by anyone, but is must be applied to work.  What am I talking about?  Alright, you will need to start small, and your results of  course will be up to you.  It is a simple  method requiring simple materials.

Remember, what I said about searching for dimes and pennies in the cracks of the sidewalks.  Well, it is sort of like that, but much safer and more pleasant where we will be doing it.  We will be doing it on the inside of our supermarket.  And the Method you will follow here can work anywhere, at any store, at any location anywhere in the world.  You can do this Method anytime of day or night the store is open.  You can do this Method anywhere on the planet, around the globe.  You are not stuck if you don't have a computer.  There will never be any downtime on this Method, except for your own physical or spiritual limitations! 

For materials, all you need is a simple pad, and pen.  A calculator is a blessing, as that will save you time.  To start out with the Plan, a bank account in your own name would be nice (and no I do not want to have anything to do with it) keep it to yourself!  Here's a wonderful tip:  Open a new Checking or Savings Account that you can open for $1.00, or open one that gives a financial incentive for opening the Account.  I saw a bank that offered customers $25.00 free money for opening a New Account.  However, to start ( an old fashioned piggy bank will do), the larger the better!  (I can hear some of the comments now (lol!) don't worry about it).

If you are a Couponer (and I am not talking EXTREME here) this will help in the Method.  Coupons on groceries can help you save money, and that is what the Method is all about.  This is about squeezing every spare penny out of every grocery item you buy WITHOUT PAIN.  This should be as FUN as possible.  I am not talking about wearing a clown suit to the grocery store, (a NINJA WARRIOR outfit would do just fine!) (okay, just kidding).  BUT GET THIS:  at today's grocery prices, and every other item you buy, we are all road warriors here, and it is a War.  It is a war for your hard earned money.  Better you keep it, than they take it all, and they will  (if you let them).  But we are not going to.  We have the METHOD!

Not to sound Mundane here, but the METHOD does employ some work on your part.  So, let's see, you have your pad, pen, calculator.  Now hopefully you have made up your grocery list already.  You absolutely must start out with a grocery list as your base in this simple plan.  Also, do not go to the supermarket, hungry.  Eat a meal at home, or at the diner, but it is common knowledge about grocery budgets going bust with a hungry stomach in tow.

Here then is essentially what you need to do.  Your grocery cart, pen, paper, calculator, shopping list and grocery coupons in tow, you first start around the vegetable/fruit section of the grocery store.  Essentially, the food items are healthier around the outer perimeter of the store,  and stocking up on fruits such as bananas, and great vegetables like baked potatoes will stretch your food budget.  Staying away from the inner isles full of all the boxed saturated fat will help you heart as well as your wallet.  (Okay, you can pick up some Wasa Crackers  as  they are healthy).  Picking up organic cereal is a good economical choice from the organic section. You get the idea.  Okay, enough of FOOD CHOICES 101!

For the "Method" to work, you absolutely have to have made a Grocery List, and one you plan to stick to.  Of course 'DoDo Bird'!!! your coupons should compliment your list.  Okay, you are at the Pasta aisle, and Pasta A  is $1.40 a box, while Pasta B is $1.90 a box.  Does it take a Rocket Scientist to tell you that Pasta A will save you .50 cents if you choose it.  Believe it or not, many people do not look at the price.  They saw that 'Brand' advertised on TV, so it must be good.  It looks so inviting.  That's called subliminal advertising, and its making you poor Honey,  (WHILE THEY GET RICH!).  Grow up will you!  Buy the less expensive one, believe me, it will taste just as good, and you will be up .50 cents.

As you go down your grocery list while working the aisles, please make sure you write beside your food item with an asterisk * ( .50 cents )  the amount you saved on each item.   You will specifically choose the lower priced item for every item you need to buy.  If you save .50 cents by buying that other brand bacon, pick the lowered priced one.  Another (.50 cents)! Oh, do you start to see now, something interesting happening as this all unfolds.  Okay, stay with me here, don't lose it now!  Do this for every item you buy.  Yes, yes, you will have to spend some time at first.  May I re-iterate.  Do this pricing and marking down on your list for every item you choose.

Okay, here comes THE FUN PART!  You should have kept your Pricing Column 'Even', so that you can add down your list with your brain or your calculator, and come up with your Magical Total of 'SAVED MONEY'.  Yes, Delbert, you finally figured it out - this Total of Saved Money is your 'LUCKY MONEY'!  Simple, eh?  Okay, not so fast. We are not home free yet.  There is still more to do here.


Please get your money clip now,  or your change purse, and SEPARATE your 'Saved Lucky Money' FROM your paying Grocery Money.  Put that part of YOUR SAVED MONEY into your Lucky Money Money Clip or Purse, and leave it there.  Do not use this money at the Check-Out.  This is your LUCKY MONEY TO KEEP.  DO NOT SPEND IT NO MATTER WHAT!

Max, you should have been running  total at home, or at least in the grocery store of what your 'PAYING TOTAL'  will come to.  (Oh,  Moon Spinner, at least in your head!)  so that you know what your exact total will amount to.  (Pssst! - - Not to worry,  if you CROSS THE LINE, cough back the magazine and gum for a different shopping trip, sweet-heart).


This is fun.  Save your Loyalty Card, and Coupons for last.  Yes, Genius.  You should have a loyalty card.  It saves you extra money on every item.  Apply for one at once.  Never shop without a Loyalty Card if your market has one.

Let the groceries run through the check-out, and bingo, at the end of the run,  IMPORTANT:  NOW MAKE A NOTE OF 1st TOTAL - BEFORE LOYALTY CARD.  Now:  present your Loyalty Card and Coupons to the check-out lady or gent.  NOW MORE FUN!  A NEW Total Presents itself.  This Total after Card and Coupons is your Paying Total.  The Total you must pay to receive your Groceries.  Yes, this is Not Extreme Couponing, you will have to pay for your groceries!

MORE FUN:  Now Brainiac, substract your paying total from your 1st higher Total, and like Magic, baby,  if you were smart enough not to bankrupt yourself shopping before you hit the grocery store,  you have more 'Lucky Money' to add into your Lucky Money Clip or Change Purse.  Bringing a few extra dollars to the store (NOT TO SPEND) is the perfect way later to pay yourself back at the Till when you know the difference of the Final Totals.  More Lucky Money, Baby!  Pure Genius.  A Fast way to get rich, No!  A consistent way to get some extra cash put aside for whatever you dream for the future - YES!  How big or small, its up to you.  This whole 'Method' again, your call.  It is tried and true.  Simple Math.

FINAL FUN:  Go straight to your Bank,  OR (okay, Piggy Bank) and put your 'Lucky Money' away there,  and don't touch it.  Keep accumulating it,  and duplicating this method at every store, every grocery trip, or for whatever you buy.   I highly recommend banking it for the Interest, or investing it wisely.  Before you know it, you will have plenty of 'Lucky Money' to Fund Your Dreams.   HOW LUCKY IS THAT?!!!