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With today's economy, money is tight. Many of the charities I work with have seen their donations dwindle. In the process of finding a residual income stream for myself, I developed a way to generate disposable income to share with local non-profits.

Have you ever wanted to support a charity, but didn't have the time or money to do so? I spend my mornings writing for a cause. Yes, I simply write an article a week about a topic I enjoy and the royalties from this knowledge converts to cash over time. I donate my accumulated funds to local charities and also use the funds to support school activities. It is refreshing to start my morning writing a couple of paragraphs while sipping coffee knowing those few words will provide $1-$2 per month in royalties for a cause I care about. How did I get started?

The Process

The beauty of writing content online is there is no charge for doing so. You simply open an author's account with a site like InfoBarrel and, whenever you 15 minutes, go to the site and type in a few paragraphs about something interesting you observed that day. The process is simple and only requires you to complete a couple of fields along with your email address. Share your knowledge with others and benefit a cause. To sign up for an author's account that will allow you to save money for a non-profit, click on Open an Author's Account.



Your compensation (royalties) will be paid through Google Ads, which this site will display for you. No web development skills needed. After you create your author's account and write your 1st article, you create a Google AdSense account with the directions provided by InfoBarrel. The funds you accumulate daily will be paid to you monthly. I use the funds to support several projects. I purchase books and donate them to our small town library. I purchase equipment and provide support to our high school marching band. I make anonymous donations to a local homeless shelter. And yes, I will buy Girl Scout Cookies and donate them to a local senior's center. Nothing like a package of Thin Mints to say good morning! The funds are not in the thousands a month, but they make a difference to these programs. What I enjoy most is the funds are residual and continue to trickle into my account while I travel for business or sleep at night.

Band Equipment

Share with Others

If you found this article interesting, please send an email link to your family, neighbors, and friends. Create a writing club, upload your essays, and donate any proceeds you generate to a worthy cause the group wishes to support. Like any boosters club, the process starts with one person taking the lead. I sleep well at night knowing I am supporting our community while I sleep. To sign up for an author's account, click on Open an Author's Account.