Looking up

        Staring at a steep, rocky mountain with cliffs and ridges. It is full of obstacles, it is tall and treacherous. That is often the feeling that comes when beginning a fundraising project.

        There are many wonderful organization in the United States that are on a mission to change the world. There is at least one organization for every problem that exists. Human nature drives us to make things better.

        I commend every person that finds a passion, a cause, a purpose, something they believe in enough to fight for it.



Finding My Passion

      Knowledge is the key to discovering passion, and passion is what causes one to take action.

      I was fairly young when I learned about the problem of starvation around the world. When I learned that 600 children die every hour because of starvation, it shook me to the core. I was 16 years old, and I was volunteering at a large scale food packaging event hosted by the non-profit organization called Numana. It was at that event I discovered my passion and I gained the courage to climb the mountain that was before me. 

      There is more to my story of finding my passion, and I will tell more later on.



Staring Up

      Looking up, staring at the mountain before you, it is intimidating. Often times its the risks in life that make us feel most alive. I ask you to find your courage, find your strengths, discover even your weaknesses. You will be challenged. You will be pushed to your limits, but when you reach your goal everything will be worth it. Its time to put on your hiking boots and grab your gear, because we have a mountain to climb.

Where to Start

      Often times, the greatest challenge, is getting started. I have developed a few questions that have helped me get the ball rolling and the creative juices flowing.

Questions for Vision.

1.) Why are you doing what your doing? (If you do not understand your cause and your goal no one else will.)

2.) What is your realistic goal?


Start with these two questions and we will move there.

An important task to accomplish before moving on is gaining basic knowledge for your non-profit that you will be representing.