If you're looking for that special wedding dress, funk it out with a non-traditional gown. For centuries women have worn white or ivory on their wedding day, it's time for a change. On your special day, wear the unexpected; green or orange, short or mini, fully beaded like a pageant gown or fun and sassy like a flapper dress. The day is yours to choose traditional or off beat.

Green is beautiful. The first signs of spring are the newly sprouting green grass and leaves. Green can signify the new growth of your marriage. Green is also a tribute to mother earth. If you want to wear a green (environmentally friendly) dress, try a biodegradable gown like Colbie Cailat wore to the American Music Awards in 2008. Nothing says funky like a gown made of real plants.

Orange is a fantastic color for a gown if you have the coloring, and audacity, to carry it off. Orange represents enthusiasm happiness, creativity, attraction and heat. A red orange corresponds to sexual passion, desire and pleasure. Orange is the color of the rising and setting sun. However, if you're too timid to don a dress entirely in orange, you might want to add some orange accents to your gown. An orange sash or beading is a lovely way to funk out your gown without being brash.

There is no reason a short dress can't be just as beautiful and elegant as a long dress. As a bonus, any bride in a short dress is sure to be remembered. As a casual wedding dress, a short, or mini, wedding gown is the ideal length for beach weddings or an outdoor summer wedding.

If you want truly gorgeous, pageant gowns are reminiscent of beauty and glamour. Any woman looking for a gown that makes her feel glamorous, and like a princess, should consider a pageant gown. Think Hollywood red carpet with lots of beading and sparkles. Once a bride decides to get a funky wedding dress, it is a good idea to walk through the wedding first in order to be truly comfortable with the idea. While it may seem fun and whimsical at first, when thought about, a bride may change to a more traditional ceremony and dress, once she has thought about her walk down the aisle.

Remember that every bride is gorgeous on her wedding day in a short , long, black, white or orange dress.