Positively You

Making your life comfortable and uniquely you, is not always an easy thing to do. Creating a positive atmosphere in your mind, body and soul is a wonderful starting point but there is another aspect of our life that we often overlook. It is entwined within the whole picture of what makes us who we are and even creates a picture of whom we are and what we are like in the eyes of others. That other important thing that we should be considering when we try to make positive steps forward in our own lives...is our own surroundings.

Finding The Positive Energy

Wood, incense and flowersCredit: chopsooyThey say the eyes are the windows to our soul and possibly you are already working hard to make them twinkle and shine but how are the windows to your house looking at the moment? Chances are that if your home is out of balance, you will also be...well a little off kilter too. Feng Shui meaning wind/water, is an ancient chinese art and science that is included as one of the 8 branches of Chinese medicine. It is used to help balance the energy inside of you, by balancing the energy outside of you, in your home or office. This is done by using both laws of heaven (Chinese astrology) and earth. Interestingly enough, this links in to the article I wrote about the pentatonic scale  in which I mentioned about how in Daoism (Taoism) there is the belief in the FIVE dynamic qualities or energies that are found in all natural phenomena known as Wu Xing. These principles are also used as one of the integral parts of feng shui.

Fire Triangle Red, Orange, Purple Living room Passion, Emotion
Earth Square Brown, Yellow Dining room Grounding, Stability
Metal Circle White, Metallic Bedroom Strength, Independence
Water Curvy Black, Blue Bathroom Relaxation, Inspiration
Wood Rectangle Green, Teal Kitchen Growth, Expansion

Do We Need To Know All This?

Feng Shui takes in to account many different things to come up with solutions to bad energy within people's homes. To map out the most effective way to come up with a remedy for your problems a good feng shui practitioner would use the five chinese elements, chi principles and the Ba Gua. There are many people that strongly believe in using feng shui, to the point that they become highly superstitious if they see anything out of place. These people will often hire a consultant to come to their home and help them redesign their living spaces. The consultant can offer all kinds of advice about where to put things and what is missing from your home. Now this article is not meant to put you off paying for some good solid advice, by all means if you feel the need for professional help in this area, there will surely be an expert at a location close to your home, but I do believe that most of us have a pretty good idea about what actually does or doesn't work for us ourselves. How often do we feel like a change and move furniture around, or maybe change the colour of a room, only to find that it doesn't make us feel particularly good after we have finished? You can go on for hours, days or weeks re arranging to find something that finally feels... just right. What I'm trying to say is that we inherently know if things are out-of-place, it makes us uncomfortable. So to make sure that you are not stuck sitting outside your front door, not wanting to go into your house, lets check out some general basics of feng shui that can help get the energy balanced out between you and your living or working space and create some harmony.

Basics Of Feng Shui: Where You Can Start

  • De clutter - One of the worst things for hampering the flow of energy within your home is clutter. All that useless junk that you just don't need. Clothes you never wear, papers of any kind, broken gadgets you just never get around to throwing out. Get rid of it all! It's amazing how a good clean up can make you feel 90% better and thats even before  looking at any of the other stuff you can do to help.
  • Colour - The colour we are surrounded by effects us both emotionally and physiologically. It's true that they can really alter your mood. Keep in mind that we are not just talking about painting walls. Colours need to be incorporated in all aspects of home decoration... such as furnishings, picture frames, curtains and blinds. Basically any items around your home give you the possibilities to work in any colours you feel you need. Have another look at the above chart for some quick attributes of common colours.
  • Sound or Silence - playing some uplifting or soothing meditative music is a good way to alter the chi of your environment. If you live in a particularly noisy place, it feels like another kind of clutter is invading your personal space. Sometimes it may be the case that you need silence, but if you can't insulate your house from the cause of the surrounding noise, this is difficult to achieve. The way you can compensate is by playing soothing music or by incorporating the sound of water via a water feature. These two things can help to block out stressful noise quite effectively.
  • Light and Air Quality - To get the chi flowing you should make sure that you have adequate lighting and good air. Open your windows often to make sure you get fresh air circulating through the rooms. If it is a problem in your home, you can invest in an air purifier or humidifier to help with stale air issues. Plants also help purify air and are another essential to improve the energy in your rooms. Lighting can enhance the mood. Good natural light during the day and the use of candles and lamps can be an alternative idea to add to the night-light atmosphere.
  • Art or Photos - Paintings, photo's, textiles and sculptures all add feeling and emotions to a room.
  • Plants - Living things such as plants and flowers work by bringing the outside nature, into your home. They also add to the inside air quality and sometimes scent.
  • Scent - One of our most powerful senses is smell. Scent is such a subtle thing, but it can have a huge impact on our emotions. Look at how effectively people use (or in some cases, dont use) perfume and aftershave. Adding some beautifully aromatic scents within our home can really make us feel much more relaxed. Burning incense, lighting scented candles or my personal favourite... using an oil burner and some essential oils in water, are all ways to welcome positive energy inside.

Your Own Personal Funky Feng Shui

Orchid and candleCredit: microsoft office imagesHow do I like to funk up my feng shui? Everyone is different and has their own personal preferences for what makes them feel good...For me "funky feng shui" incorporates bit's and pieces of what I've just mentioned but, the little extra personal touches that I specifically like are (at certain times not always) the scent of coffee, freshly brewed or even just coffee beans in the house... for me it creates that relaxed café vibe, which I always find cruisey but inspiring. A specially designed mixture that I have of calming essential oils and water... burning in the oil burner. Atmospheric lamp lighting and a candle at night-time whilst relaxing to some slow jazz music or classical music if I want to de-stress.

In the same way that sound therapy works to realign our vibrations by tapping into our vibrations using the external source of music, feng shui alters our internal energy by improving our external environment.  I know the coffee probably isn't in the rule books, but hey, it works for me...as would freshly baked bread, if I could make it.