A Perfect Modern Touch For Decorating

Looking for the perfect spark to add some personality into your home? Funky area rugs will provide a dash of color and style, giving you and interesting canvas to decorate the room around. I think it is amazing the difference that a simple design and some sharp colors can do. It's a great way to spice up your home, especially if you are stuck with bland carpet that you can't replace, or hardwood floors you would like to protect.Funky Yellow and Olive RugCredit: Amazon.com

Finding the perfect modern rug can be difficult though. What do you need to know to buy one of these babies? Size, color and materials are obviously important. Starting with size, once you've got the basic dimensions of your home, you'll have a much easier time. You also need to think about the materials and color you want to complement your room with. Some rooms of your house may work better with one type, while a different type may be appropriate for the next room. For example, in the bathroom you will want it to be fluffier than a rug in an entryway. Knowing the basics of what you need ahead of time will make your shopping much better.

Preventing Rug Movement

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Walking around will cause rugs to move. The best thing to do to keep your rug attractive and in place is to buy a rug sticky pad. These are just like they sound, and they work great. You are still able to shift things around and it doesn't leave a residue after removal. I highly recommend these.

Rugs For Living Spaces

A rectangle is the most popular shape for area rugs. Those rectangles are available in many various sizes. You can also find square rugs that vary from three feet to twelve feet or even bigger. You may hear about the shape referred to as "runners". These are still rectangle shaped, but are extra long and skinny and usually used for hallways and entryways. Even though they are not as common, round or oval area rugs are an awesome shape. Those will definitely give you a unique look and catch your visitors eyes.

When shopping for your living room, you have many different options. Some rooms may be big enough to accommodate multiple rugs. If you are considering this, make sure the rugs are the same or complementary colors. Solids and basic patterns work best with multiple rugs or else your room will look too busy. Multiple rugs can be used to split up the look of open spaces and create a division. Resist the actual urge to utilize a single, large rug inside a small space; while it might provide lots of coverage, it will actually make a tiny space look smaller. You want the right size to will leave enough room show your regular flooring at the edges, but covering up the areas where you will be walking or placing furniture.

Rugs For Entryways

A perfect use of a rug is in the entryway or hallway of your home. It serves 2 purposes: catching dirt and debris from attaching itself to your permanent flooring and by adding a splash of color and style to the area. The size you choose is determined by the general dimensions of the entryway. Since these spaces are often small, you may have less options for size. The most important thing to remember in these small spaces is to ensure that you leave an exposed border around the rug. Since you are going to be walking on these more often, it is more likely to move around and hit the walls. This can lead to a sloppy, unappealing look, so if you give yourself some space, you will have more leeway and not have to adjust it as much.