Designer Zebra Handbags And Purses

Every woman needs to have at least one designer zebra handbag or purse in her closet. No matter how conservative you are, you can always find designer zebra print to fit your taste and lifestyle. Zebra print is one of those patterns that never go out of style and the pattern crosses age groups as well as socio-economic groups.  Having a designer zebra print handbag or purse in your closet is almost the same as having that perfect "little black dress" that you can wear on any occasion.  Zebra print or even other animal prints go with just about any and every occasion. When looking for your perfect designer zebra handbag or purse, you should look at several things before you make a decision.



Designer zebra purses and handbag styles range from very conservative but still quite fashionable to darn right outrageously bold and daring.  Do you like plain black and white designer zebra print? Do you like a splash of color mixed into your zebra print purse or handbag? What about sequence and sparkles? Do you like bold, expressive colors and additional patterns? Whatever style you want, you can be rest assured that you can find it in zebra print and that it will mix and match well-most of the time.



Designer zebra handbags come in just about any and every material you can think of.  From leather, to silk, to satin, to canvas to denim and even patent leather.  Many designer zebra handbags also have intricate sequence designs and patters for those elegant evening styles.  Patent leather, synthetic leather or real leather  purses is the best material to get if you are only able to afford one zebra print purse for your closet.  These materials go with anything, they clean well and they are durable. Also, make sure the material is something that can be easily cleaned or even waterproof.  On some of the finer, more delicate materials like silk, satin and sequence it may be more difficult to clean, but those are not everyday purses. 



What are you using the bag for? How many compartments will you need?  Is it an everyday purse? Is it a dress purse? What exactly do you have carry inside your purse?  All these questions are important to make sure you choose the right purse that has all the compartments you need in order to hold all your things.  As you know, all things in a woman's purse is important an each needs it's own space to keep her organized an sane.   These questions will also determine what size bag you need.  There is nothing wrong if you need to have a big bag.  You can also get a purse organizer that has additional compartments if you still need more after you purchase your purse.



There are many accessories that you can get with you designer zebra print handbag or purse.  The first, and perhaps most important is your wallet and or wallet checkbook.  If you are going to have a designer zebra print handbag or purse, you should either have a plain wallet or wallet checkbook to match one of the colors on your zebra print purse, or you can get the matching wallet or wallet check book for that particular purse.  You can even buy a couple of different wallets and wallet checkbooks to switch depending on the day and your mood for that day.  Other accessories would include, eyeglass case, cell phone case, umbrella, gloves, key chain and key rings and iPod cases.



This is very important.  If you only have $100 to spend on a purse, then you can decide if you are going to get a really good $100 bag or several pretty handbags that may be made out of cheaper material but gives you options to switch into.  Designer zebra print purses and handbags can range anywhere from $15 to $400 and up depending on the material, size and style.  How much you pay for your zebra print handbag depends on what exactly your are looking for, and your budget for that item.  You may see one handbag that you want to spend your $100 budge on and be perfectly happy until you have more money to buy another.


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Funky Zebra Purses and Handbags

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Zebra Striped Studded Rhinestone Buckle Purse Purple TrimCredit: Fuchsia Giraffe Designer Inspired Animal Print Handbag Purse Bag ToteCredit: Flower Handbags Zebra Print Purses Rhinestone Hobo Bags OrangeCredit: Red Zebra Print Rhinestone Shoulder Handbag & Cell Phone CaseCredit:
Hot Pink / Black Zebra Stripe Rhinestone Buckle PurseCredit: Flower Zebra Handbags Animal Print Purse Rhinestone Hobo BagCredit: Red Zebra Print Rhinestone Fleur De Lis PurseCredit: Charming! 3d Raised Zebra Print Flower Handbag Purse RedCredit:
Black & White Zebra Print Rhinestone Fleur De Lis PurseCredit: Zebra Striped Studded Rhinestone Buckle Purse Hot PinkCredit: sD&K Rosette Centered Rhinestone Zebra Shoulder Bag - Purple on BlackCredit: sssssss Red Large Vicky Zebra Print Faux Leather Satchel Bag Handbag PurseCredit:
Pink & Black Zebra Animal Print Rhinestone Croco HandbagCredit: D&K Purple Flower on Flower Zebra Print with Rhinestone Centered Rosette and Metal Handles HandbagCredit: Flower Handbags Zebra Print Purses Rhinestone Hobo BagsCredit: Zebra Messenger Crossbody Bag - Purple on BlackCredit:
Purple Zebra Wallet Goth Rockabilly Punk 80s Tattoo Ink(84165)Credit: Hot Pink Initial " J " Zebra Print Soft Velvet Stripes Thick 1" Flat WalletCredit: Womens Zebra Print Thick Flat Wallet w/ Matching Checkbook Cover in Choice of Trim ColorsCredit: Adi Designs Womens Metal Frame Zebra Print WalletCredit:



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