One of the great thing about hot dogs are the variety of ways you can cook the hot dogs as well as the variety of ways you can top your hot dog.

There are a few ways to cook your dogs but the most popular ways are boiling, broiling, and grilling. If you are camping you can stick you dog on a stick and stick it into a fire that is burning from all the sticks you placed in the fire.

When it comes to how to eat your hot dig everybody has there favorite way. Here are some classic and iconic ways to decorate your hot dogs as well as some new and unique ways.

Chili Dogs

Adding a dab of mustard, cheese, and onions on tip of your hot dog along with some good chili can turn an ordinary hot dog lunch into a flavorful masterpiece.


Take a grilled hot dog and wrap it in provolone cheese. Add on some sauerkraut and a dab of mayonnaise and you have a great tasting dog. The flavors of the provolone cheese with the sauerkraut moistens the grilled dog and enhances the aftertaste of the mayonnaise.

Hot Dogs

Green Tabasco Dragon

A Green Tabasco Dragon is what you called a hot dog that you sprinkle some of the green Tabasco brand Tabasco sauce on to the hot dog bun and then add chopped jalapenos and mayonnaise.

Sappy Duck Duck Dog

The Sappy Duck Duck Dog is you basic hotdog drizzled heavily in Lea and Perrins Worcestershire, mayonnaise green chilies and diced onions.

Girls Gone Wild Hot Dog

This hot dog has a shot of mayonnaise along with some red picante sauce on top of the wiener.

Aberdeen Hot Dog

You take a hot dog, wrap a slice of cooked Canadian bacon around the hot dog, and some grilled hash browns, and a condiment of your choice such as ketchup or green picante sauce.

Silly Dilly

You slap your hot dog into the bun and then pour a bit of juice from the dill pickle jar on to the dog and it will soak into the bun. You then add onions, pastrami sliced into small cubes, and some sweet and mild mango salsa. It may sound nasty but the taste is actually amazing.

The Bill Clinton Dog

The Bill Clinton Dog is the potpourri of hot dogs. You can add almost anything to you hot dog. If you want ketchup and marshmallow cream go ahead.

Trick Dog BLT

The trick dog BLT has the hot dog bun lined with;lettuce, add your dog, and then top it with cheese and bacon. The bacon lettuce tomato of the hot dog world. Yummy!

Sour Power Dog

Take a grilled or boiled hot dog and top it with shredded cheese, sour cream, salsa, and bacon bits. The Sour Power Dog is simply amazing.

Inmate Wiener

Take a hot dog and top it with chili and crushed Frito's. Add some Tabasco for extra juiciness and you have a great tasting hot dog.

The great thing about hot dogs are they are very easy to cook and there a countless ways you can top your hot dogs. Being creative and come up with your own favorite style of hot dogs.