Modern wedding cakes incorporate traditional elements in unexpected ways. Couples can design their own cakes to show off their personality at the wedding reception. Wedding cakes can be the focal point of a reception while incorporating the overall wedding theme or reception atmosphere. Modern wedding cakes incorporate a variety of shapes and colors.

Modern wedding cakes use a variety of shapes for added interest. Cakes can be square and stacked in a tower instead of using tiered stands. Modern cakes can be whimsical by incorporating several shapes in the same cake such as round and rectangles together. If you want a whimsical element at your wedding try a cake that looks like it is leaning.

Wedding cakes don't have to be white with traditional flowers. Use the colors from your wedding. Blue cakes can be gender neutral. Chocolate brown is a surprising wedding cake color that will stand out in the reception area. If you go with a white cake, mix up the color of the decorations. Black piping will pop against a white background while incorporating the colors from both the bride and groom's outfits. Fondant may look sleeker than traditional butter cream icing.

Modern wedding cake designs go past traditional flowers. Modern wedding cakes have geometric designs like stripes, polka dots or swirls. Base wedding cakes on the wedding dress by incorporating lace or bead work designs. Draw colors and patterns from your wedding china for a classy modern cake. If you decide to use flowers on your cake make the blossoms contemporary. Your baker can create over-sized tropical flowers. Include cherry blossoms on a branch for added texture and color contrast on a traditional cake.

Spice up a cake with a whimsical topper. Look for crystals on wire to add shimmer to a modern elegant cake. Toppers can incorporate a monogram or a small statue. If you still want a figurine topper, try a funny twist on tradition such as a bride dragging a groom.

Can't decide which cake you should have at your wedding? Use all of your favorite designs. Serve individual wedding cakes to your guests that can also act as wedding favors. Keep the cakes in the same theme and color scheme with different decorations. Set up a stand with elegant cupcakes for a twist on a standard wedding cake. Set up an entire cake table with several small wedding cakes for a variety of flavors and design ideas. If you want a more traditional cake include a groom's cake. The groom's cake can capture his interests such as architecture, cars or his favorite food.