Wine is big right now, but it doesn’t have to be serious!  Make it fun with funky wine glasses.

If you love wine, but want to throw some humour into that next wine party or dinner party, then you should check out the latest in a funky wine glass that is sure to add humour. 

If you head out to any craft shows, you are going to find more and more hand painted and sometimes handmade wine glasses.  Some of the artists will create beautiful works of art on the glasses, making them what I would call “useable art”.  It can be nice to have some original artwork.

These styles of wine glasses can be classy and sophisticated and since they have been created on glass with glass paint, they are hand washable and ready for that next party.  It can be a cool way to know whose glass is who’s when you put them down at that next dinner party or backyard barbeque when each one is originally painted.

If you like hand painted flowers and leaves on the stemware, then heading to a local craft show will be one great way to find them, as well as online. Funky Wine Glasses

But if you want some cartoons or something funny or simply some funky wine glasses that match your personality, then you can now get these at many glass stores, but you can also get them online at such sites as Amazon.

Tumbleweed Pottery 'It's My Favorite!' Decorated Party Wine Glass

Funky wine glasses also make perfect gifts for your bridesmaids as “thank you gifts” or for a relative who would love something different and funny.  Along with a good bottle of wine these glasses make a great gift.

So, if you find all the fancy and yet simple wine glasses a bit boring for yourself and you want to have a party that includes wine, then considering adding some funky wine glasses to your list of party things to get, and have a good laugh.

You can also get wine glasses engraved for a more personal feel, or you can get other styles of glasses that are geared to a particular event, such as a birthday party, or that bachelorette party.  The ones pictured are just an example, there are many more to choose from.

So, you don’t have to settle for simple plain stemware anymore, you can add a touch of humour to your next party or to that gift with a set of funky wine glasses.

You can shop around for these, but I personally have found some of the greatest varieties to choose from are online.  Many wine stores carry nice glasses, but not always the funny ones, so check online and see what you can find to liven up that next party, barbeque or wedding shower.

You could also check at garage sales and estate sales, as many people downsizing will get rid of extra wine glasses and more, or you could try your hand at painting your own.  But chances are if you go surfing online you are bound to find an affordable set of funky wine glasses that would work perfectly at the next party.  Get a few outdoor wine glass holder tables and you will be set.