Halloween only comes once a year. If you want people to remember your costume, then you have to pick something good. Here are some of the funniest Halloween costumes ever.

You can go as the hobo. This costume is easy to prepare. You just put on some of your oldest and dirtiest clothes. Mess up your hair, and act a little crazy. The thing that makes this costume so funny is what you will be carrying around with you. What you do is get a clear bowl or tub and fill it with water. Then, dye the water yellow and put a snickers bar in it. Now you look like you are carrying around your waste. It is a little gross, but it’s sure to make people laugh.

Next, it’s always funny to go as the opposite gender. The more you doll yourself up or butch yourself out the funnier it is. Just don’t be too risqué or you might get in trouble.

If you really want to cause a scene, you could dress up as someone you know. This is especially good at an office party.You could dress up like your boss. The important part of this costume is making sure you stay in character. It’s funnier if you act like the person. If you can get them to go as you, that is also funny.

The funniest Halloween costumes do not have to take a ton of time, but they can. One costume that is pretty funny is the windblown costume. This one works better if you get a friend to dress up with you.

You start by sewing or gluing a bunch of scraps of paper onto your clothes. Then you gel your hair to the side like it is being blown. You can also feed some coat hangers into your jacket to make it look like it is being blown as well. To top it off, you can turn an umbrella inside out.

Then, as you pose with your costume you can make the umbrella look like it has been blown that way.You are going as someone in a windstorm. Sometimes, a very gruesome costume can be funny. You could go as someone who got squashed.

This costume would require a lot of blood and guts. With a costume like this you should be very grotesque. Have blood spilling out from all over the place. It should be so sickening that people cannot help but laugh.

Don’t forget, you can make up your own costume. It can be a lot of fun to come up with your own costume. You can make it as funny as you would like to. The trick to making a costume funny is to be clever and shocking.

You want to do something that people aren’t going to expect. The usual costumes are never funny. Halloween is a great time to have fun. People always remember the funniest Halloween costumes ever. If you want to be remembered, then good luck creating something that will get people laughing.