That's a bad Batman!!!Credit: CollegeHumor

YouTube is one of the most popular sites and it is so because you can find a lot of videos that are simply too good to ignore. You can choose to let your creativity flow and make your own film to quickly become a YouTube star. Of course calling a few videos "the funniest" out of millions is subjective, but I dare you to watch these videos and not laugh out loud. Here are our top 5 funniest videos in the social media giant. If you have other clips that you think are funny then let us know.

Vegan Zombie Attack!

Epic Meal Time

The Epic Meal Time guys are the ones that can give you a heart attack by just looking at the food that they make. While we would not eat any of the things they create (what can we say? We love bacon, but we are also fond of our heart health), they have one of the funniest videos that we have ever seen. Vegan Zombie Attack puts everything that you ever thought of vegans in one video to make comedy gold. Even some of our vegetarian friends thought it was too funny to miss, so make sure that you check it out. 

The Landlord

Funny or Die

If Will Ferrell is in a movie and he has creative freedom you can expect to see something really funny. He posted “The Landlord” from Funny or Die and he plays the tenant while his baby plays the landlord. It is just funny to watch a baby with lines that you would expect from a 65-year-old landlord with a bad attitude. Make sure to also watch the outtakes to get a deeper look into the making of a funny video. This video has been around for a while, but it is still a great pick for the list.

Silke Takes On The Blasphemy Challenge


A lot of people find that the blasphemy challenge was offensive, but people got really creative with it. One of them was Silke and you can find her blasphemy challenge posted by user "TheBerlinGirl". She decided to go with an old school take on the challenge that looks like an early 1900’s movie (with modern music) where she takes the challenge and takes on the reward she believes she will get for it. You may need to pause the video to read her thoughts, but it is really creative and really funny. 

Messed-Up Bible Stories 7 - The Seduction Of Lot


Staying with atheist humor, you really need to watch the “Messed-Up Bible Stories” by ebolaworld on YouTube. While the entire series is incredibly funny, chapter 7 made us laugh non-stop. “The Seduction of Lot” is ebolaworld’s take on one of the most messed up stories in the Old Testament. Yes the story is on the bible and though it is a bit different in the video for comedic effect, they are good at staying with the story. Another story in the series to check out is chapter 8, “God Tempts Abraham”. 

Batman Can't Stop Thinking About Sex


CollegeHumor has a lot of great skits, but my favorite by far (because it is my favorite YouTube video of all time) is “Batman Can’t Stop Thinking About Sex”. If you have watched “The Dark Knight Rises” then you need to watch this video. It is well put together and we have never laughed so hard in our lives. Beware that a lot of sex jokes are told in the video, so it is not for people who are easily offended, but if you think those are funny then you will also think this is one of the best skits ever.