Babies look adorable in almost anything, but there's no reason not to have some fun this year when it comes to the Halloween costume. Whether funny baby Halloween costumes are homemade or purchased, there are so many options that ensuring baby is the talk of the town is the easy part with a little imagination and creativity.

The first thing to decide on is the theme, otherwise there are too many choices and one can become boggled down in the selection process. If the family is into sports, for example, having the lower half of the baby shaped like a baseball, soccer ball, or football, and top half dressed as a player on the team can bring roars of laughter from onlookers.

On the other hand, maybe food is your thing. A loaf of wonder bread, a fruit or veggie, or even a hamburger or hot dog in the bun are all very popular this year and are extremely funny to see.

This year the skies are the limit when it comes to novelty, but there's also some things to remember with babies. They are very sensitive to makeup so it should not be applied unless there is a little darkening of the eyebrows or streaks of whiskers for a cat.

Also they don't have the layer of fat that adults do and are very sensitive to weather conditions. This should be taken into consideration when selecting a costume.

Anything put on a baby should be comfortable, safe, and take into account the temperatures they will encounter throughout the day. Although in Hawaii one may be able to dress their little one as a Hula girl, in Alaska during that time of the year it would be unwise.

Some of the most unusual things to come out this year are really hysterical. Turning baby into a back bag of money by creating a bunting with no arms or leg that ties around the neck and has a big dollar sign on the tummy area is adorable as is having him or her wear a "woopie cushion" made of pink material with monograms covering the front and a space cut out for the face.

This year boxes and bags of all kinds are being utilized by turning baby into a jack-in-the-box, box of Cheerios, or even a box of your favorite snack in a picnic basket.

For those making costumes some really funny ones to come out this year is to make a watermelon or pumpkin costume by having the lower half of the real fruit be the lower part of the costume.

For instance, for the watermelon just take one that is large enough to accommodate the baby's lower half, carve it out, and set baby in it. The shape of the fruit will hold them in an upright position and it's really funny to see that the what that little seed has grown into.

When it comes to funny baby Halloween costumes the only limitation this year is imagination and creativity.

Many can be homemade and are often better if they are. However, many of these newer costumes can be purchased and look like the real thing. The object on this day is to have fun and having something to laugh about is half the battle.

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