Beer koozies are quite popular, and have been in high demand for quite awhile. If you have a sense of humor, then these insulated beverage holders should really help make you laugh on the days that you're feeling stressed. With the holiday season coming up, or maybe someone's birthday, you can also consider purchasing some funny ones for those around you. Especially for an uncle, father, or brother who has a quirky sense for humor. Everyone enjoys a cold or hot beverage, right? Scroll down below if you're interesting in find the aboslute funniest beer beverage holders online. These beverage holders can be found for both bottles, and cans, and are available for extremely cheap prices. No minimum purchases are required, if they're for personal use only.

What's a Beer Koozie?

A beer koozie is a beverage holder. There are beer can koozies and beer bottle koozies for those to buy. A koozie isn't just meant for beer, it works for all beverages; hot and cold. What makes it so special is that it will keep your beverage insulated at its original temperature for a longer period of time, while keeping your hand comfortable. No more hot burns, or cold ones while holding your beverage. It's the perfect drink accessory for anyone to use. Both kids and adults could enjoy one. A lot of sites also sell personalized insulated can and bottle covers, which are the most popular ones to buy as a gift to someone you know. Koozies aren't that expensive. They're often used for wedding caters, or party caters, and you can buy hundreds of them for a fraction of the price.

Where to Shop for Funny Beer Koozies Online

Suds Gears - Suds Gears has quite a collection of cheap beverage holders to purchase online. 12 beer can koozies are available, and can also be used for sodas, and other type of beverage that you desire. There are plenty of beer drinking jokes that's suppose show a little sense of humor for beer drinkers. A recommended gift idea maybe for young males and females. One if the more popular ones: "I'm gonna need another beer to watch down this beer" is a highly recommended koozie. A pink funny beer koozie for girls "Everybody loves a drunk girl" can make for a cool gift for your girlfriend or wife. Sudsgear is a great place to shop for beer koozies for both bottles and cans. They're not very expensive, and at most might cost $10 dollars. Some other ordinary koozies ben be purchased for pretty cheap price around five dollars.

Big Mouth Toys Prescription / Pill Bottle Drink Kooler
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Drysdales - Drysdale has a few funny can and bottle beer koozies to purchase. There's not really a large inventory of funny beverage koozies, but a few funny sayings. A few of the funny beer koozies include: "Red Neck Yacht Club", then a "Red Neck Stemware" koozie for bottles. Both feature a camouflage cover with red text. There's also a "Got Beer?" koozie with a black cover to buy for cans. There are quite a few very unique and interesting koozies to choose from online at drysdales. Even if you're just looking for regular, and unique koozies, I'd take a look at their website on what to buy. Prices are pretty reasonable.

Big Mouth Toys The Beast Giant Fist Shaped Drink Kooler
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Ebay - Best place to buy koozies is on ebay. A variety of different koozies can be personalized. The Assorted Funny Sayings Beer Bottle Koozies have quite a few different sayings to choose from. Best yet the prices are extremely cheap. You can buy the entire collection if you like. They only cost $2 dollars a piece. Ebay is safe and reliable to shop for funny beer koozies; along with a variety of other beer koozies on their website.

Beer / Soda / Koozie Boobies Make Me Giggle
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Personalized Beer Koozies

If you don't like the funny sayings of these insulated beverage holders, then you can personalize your very own messge on one yourself. Come up with your own witty or funny saying. Maybe funny movie quotes from your favorite movies. Personalized beer koozies are the most popular koozies to purchase online. Ebay and amazon will allow you to personalize beer koozies. I think my favorite online site to buy personalized koozies is at customized girl. They allow you to engrave your own sayings, and add pictures as well. Prices aren't too expensive as well. A great bargain and more flexibility for customizing your own funny saying, or add funny pictures to your beer koozie.