Birthday Card Messages for Friends

Writing your own funny birthday card messages is a surefire way of letting a friend knows on her special day just how much she means to you without being too sentimental about it. Personalized greeting cards with thoughtful birthday card messages are more precious than any material gifts you can think of. Making custom greeting cards is fun and easy and the effort you put into it makes your gift more special. If you are short on ideas on what to write, you can always rely on tips you can find online to get some inspiration.

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Putting in the Right Words

If you want to put a huge grin on your friends' faces when they read your birthday card messages, there are some things you need to consider first. Each person harbors different concepts of what is considered funny and what is not. Personalized greeting cards need to be tailored after your recipients. To make sure that your birthday card messages achieve their real purpose, skip subject matters that you think might offend your friends. If you choose to give photo greeting cards, make sure that it is not something that would remind a friend of her unhappy or embarrassing experiences. If your recipient is trying to lose weight, do not give her a picture of an animal feasting of a pile of food. If a friend hints that she is sad about turning to a certain age, do not joke about getting old or anything related to it. Birthday card messages should aim to make your recipients happy and smile so avoid unintentionally reminding them of their shortcomings and flaws.

Carefully choose custom greeting cards that are indelicate or crude, even if the missive sounds really amusing. Your recipient might find this funny but if she has to share it with someone whom you think might not be able to appreciate its true meaning then keep the thought of your birthday card messages on a wholesome note. If you can't resist giving suggestive birthday card messages, give hints about what they are about to read. Make sure that they are going to open it when they are all by themselves. If you have greeting card printers, you can always choose to give downloadable notes from websites that allow you to have them for free.

Making Your Gift Memorable

Knowing your recipients very well can make your birthday card messages outstanding. If the meanings are able to hit the mark, they can be remembered for many years to come. For instance, memorable pictures of you and your friends can be turned into great photo greeting cards. Your birthday card messages can also be something that gives accounts on funny experiences and moments where you and your friends shared great laughs together. Personalized greeting cards can have birthday card messages with a joke that only you and the recipients know the meaning of. This will bring up memories that would bring a smile to the face and will make your recipient realize why your friendship has lasted this long.

When you are writing birthday card messages intended for humor, create a tone that is light and to the point. Make it sound like you are personally talking to your recipient to put your stamp to it. Custom greeting cards may refer to humorous lines about your recipients' favorite foods, clothing line, popular personalities, and places. By doing so, your birthday card messages will truly be appreciated since your recipients can relate to them. Even if you wish to convey funny salutations, try to inject a sincere appreciation of your recipients' admirable attributes. Remember that your friends will know if you are being sincere or not. Generic notes tend to border on exaggeration so make sure that you use wordings with just the right amount of smack. To have polished birthday card messages, create a draft before finally sending them to your recipients. This will give you plenty of time to edit your work and create really smart and funny notes.

Finding Unforgettable Quotes to Last a Lifetime

If you are making your own funny birthday card messages, it can be quite a challenge coming up with lines that can hit the funny mark. If your funny side has not decided to kick in yet, you can turn to various resources that can help you out in this area. Your local library can give you plenty of memorable and funny quotes to use. You can borrow popular sayings derive from quotation books. Choose phrases that have not been overly used by other people.

The Internet also holds an abundant compilation of birthday card messages. You can download them for free and there are also free templates to choose from. Craft stores that sell rubber stamp lines can provide you with readymade phrases which you can use for emergency purposes. This will also excuse a handwriting that is not so desirable for special occasions like these. Rub-ons can also be good sources of funny phrases. You just need to rub the phrases on the paper to complete your gift.

Important Tips on Writing and Sending Notes

Giving birthday card messages to your friends is a joy to do but there are certain guidelines you need to follow in order to avoid social gaffes. Even if these people are your friends you still need to observe proper decorum. First and foremost, let your friends know who sent them these quotes by signing your name. You don't have to place your last name when your recipient is someone very close to you to avoid sounding too formal. Send birthday card messages to the right address and exercise more prudence when your friend happens to be your own boss.

Remember that a belated note is better than nothing at all. If you have been caught up with something or have entirely forgotten your friend's special day, make it up in your funny quotes. More importantly you need to be careful about sending something that relates to a religion if you think it will put your intention to a bad light. Whether you are sending an electronic or handmade note, a cheap or expensive gift, the recipient will always appreciate the thought. Your birthday card messages should convey your thoughts well and they should make the celebrants feel truly special on this particular occasion.

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