When it comes to holiday decor, many people don`t immediately think about funny Christmas hats to wear in the cold weather. Wreaths, vibrant lights, and pine trees are usually the first things that come to people’s minds! However, there are literally hundreds of Christmas hats that can be worn throughout November and December!

Not only will these hats put people in the Christmas spirit and keep your head warm, they will also make people laugh when they see you.

It should be noted that these hats will cause people to laugh with you, not at you. It is not that people will be making fun of your winter toque...they will simply be giggling at the shape or picture that is on the hat!

A Winter Hat With Rudolph’s Head On The Top

Animal-themed hats seem to be trending right now; more and more people can be seen wearing hats that resemble a tiger, dog, or and even bird! However, these Rudolph hats are only available throughout the Christmas season.

It is basically a winter toque that has the top half of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer’s head on it. What makes this funny Christmas hat a must-have for the holiday season is the fact that there is a long snout and red ball sticking out from the front of it. This Rudolph Christmas hat is sure to make many people laugh as they pass by you!

Santa With Dreadlocks

There is nothing funnier than seeing someone dress up as a Rastafarian Santa Clause! This Christmas hat features a long red Santa toque with white dreadlocks coming out from either side of it.

Acting like the person that you are portraying will allow you to get the best effect from these funny Christmas hats! You should be sure to speak with a Jamaican accent when asking the children what they want for Christmas!

You will surely have everyone laughing while wearing this Jamaican Santa hat!

Reindeer Antlers Christmas Hat

Reindeers seem to play a very important role around the holiday season because they completely represent Christmas! People automatically think of December 25th when they see antlers of any type!

This hilarious Christmas hat goes hand in hand with the Rudolph one that was mentioned at the beginning of this article because it is similar in many ways.

The only difference between this reindeer Christmas hat and the Rudolph one that was listed above is the fact that this one only includes 2 antlers sticking out at the top, and the other one included the complete half of Rudolph’s head!

The one downside to wearing any of the Christmas hats that have large objects or shapes sticking out of them is the fact that you can’t drive while wearing them. To put it simply, the antlers on this funny hat will end up hitting the roof of your car, and will put you in an uncomfortable while driving!

A Simple Santa Clause Christmas Hat

Most of the funniest Christmas hats include a variety of unusual pictures and objects; however, the phrase “simple is better” stands to be true very often! This Santa hat is absolutely simple and nothing out of the norm. However, it is the perfect hat to wear to a formal Christmas party!

The Rudolph and antler hats can be absolutely hilarious, but you might not want to wear them to your work’s Christmas party or a local gathering. The fact of the matter is that there are some situations that require you to be somewhat proper!

This Santa Clause hat is one of the simplest ones available, and is the perfect choice for formal events!

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A Light Up Tree-One Of The Funniest Christmas Hats That You Can Get Your Hands On

Can you imagine walking around a dark room while wearing a hat that has lit up Christmas bulbs on it? I can picture it right now...

You would be the center of attention, and would have everyone laughing at your funny Christmas accessory!

This is definitely one of the funniest Christmas hats that I have ever seen; however, it should only be worn by people that enjoy being the center of attention! You will definitely attract many stares while wearing this hat, so you should be prepared to have all eyes on you!

At the end of the day, there are literally hundreds of holiday hats that you can wear during November and December; however, very few of them can be deemed as being super funny

This article lists and describes some of the funny Christmas hats that you can purchase! Wear them during this holiday season, and you will have everyone laughing!