The holidays are all about putting people in a positive mood, making them smile, and even making them laugh. I can tell you from personal experience that funny Christmas ornaments are the perfect way to do this.

Every single person that comes to your house will take a glance at your Christmas tree. They will be looking at a few specific things when they do this:

-Whether you have chosen to display an artificial or authentic Christmas tree

-The lights that you have strung around the tree

-The various ornaments that are hanging from the branches

-The sizes of the gifts that are underneath the tree

-Any other decorations that you have hung from it.

I`ll be honest with you...the ornaments are the most important things on that list. Your Christmas tree ornaments will be the most noticeable and memorable things from that list!

Some of the best funny Christmas ornaments will leave your guests laughing for hours after taking a look at your tree. The goal of this article is to expose some of those choices to you! Read through the following sections, and you will surely have an idea of the ornaments that will make your guests laugh during the Christmas season.

Santa And Rudolph Tootin`Tushie Ornaments

These are by far the funniest Christmas ornaments that I have ever seen! This set comes with two ornaments to hang on the branches of your Christmas tree:

-Santa`s tushie

-Rudolph`s tushie

Firstly, these Tootin’ Tushie ornaments will surely make your guests laugh as soon as they see them because they are simply funny to look at! There’s no way that someone can look at ornaments that look like Santa and Rudolph bending over and not laugh!

However, it is their second feature that classifies them as being must-have funny Christmas ornaments. “Deck The Halls” starts playing as soon as you squeeze the ornament! The song plays in a way that makes it seem like the ornaments are tooting the notes!

Yodelling Pickle Ornament

I don’t know how pickle Christmas ornaments came to be so popular; however, I have seen them on quite a few of my friends’ trees! There are a variety of different versions of these pickles, but the most popular ones include:

-Pickle ornaments with motion sensors that automatically yodel when someone walks by them

-Ornaments that get louder as the yodel progresses

-Pickle ornaments that allow the homeowner to choose which version of the yodel that they want to play

At the end of the day, these funny ornaments are sure to make people laugh during the Christmas season. And what makes them even better is the fact that they sell for less than $15! Amazon has a ton of pickle Christmas ornaments that you can take a look at!

*Bonus: You can hang 10 or 15 of these yodelling ornaments on your Christmas tree to get a whole choir of pickles singing when someone gets close to your tree*

Christmas Ornaments With Funny Sayings On Them

Seeing a funny ornament can make people laugh for a few minutes, but reading a funny saying on an ornament can have people laughing years down the road. The person will be laughing every single time that they remember the saying!

There are literally a ton of funny Christmas ornaments with sayings on them that you can purchase; however, I would recommend purchasing ones that have a special significance to you! The last thing that you want to do is hang ornaments on your tree simply because they have funny sayings on them!

Some examples of meaningful “funny saying” ornaments are:

-Cow ornaments with funny sayings on them for beef lovers

-Don’t Drink and Derive ornament for people that love Math

These are just two examples, but there are tons of ways to incorporate these funny Christmas ornaments into your tree!

Dancing Snoopy Christmas Ornament

Who didn’t love the peanuts gang?

This Snoopy ornament is the perfect choice for your Christmas tree if you grew up watching the Peanuts Gang. You should also know that every one of your guests that is a fan of Snoopy will also love this ornament!

All that you have to do is insert the battery and press the button and snoopy will be dancing for almost a full minute!

In The Groove Snoopy 2010 Hallmark Ornament
Amazon Price: $23.51 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 29, 2016)

There are actually other dancing Christmas ornaments that you can buy, and each of them will make your guests laugh! I would recommend buying a dancing ornament that has a significant meaning to you or someone in your family!

At the end of the day, there are well over 10,000 different ornaments that you can buy for your tree, but only a handful of them will make your guests laugh. Hang any of these funny Christmas ornaments on your tree, and you will surely have the most hilarious holiday decor!