Funny Costume Ideas-Make Everyone Laugh

Having a costume that makes everybody laugh can easily make you the life of the party. However, with thousands of costumes that claim to be funny, it is hard to determine which costumes will actually make everyone laugh. After much studying and research, I have comprised this article of funny costume ideas; choose any of the costumes that are listed throughout this article, and you will have no problem making everyone chuckle! There are a ton of proven funny costume ideas available; however, some of them are expensive, some are hard to find, and others will take you hours to put on and take off. Everybody would like to have a list of funny costume ideas, but at what cost? This article is filled with amazing costume ideas that are relatively inexpensive, easy to find, and do not take much time to prepare. These funny costume ideas would be a great asset to anybody's arsenal, and would surely bring smiles to everyone's face, at a relatively low cost. Use them for the next time that you in need of a costume that makes others laugh, and you will surely be absolutely satisfied with your dress-up.

A Ketchup Bottle

There is something about being dressed up as an inanimate object that seems to make everyone laugh; moreover, this costume tops the list of funny costume ideas. The amazing thing about dressing up as a ketchup bottle is that it is probably the cheapest costume that you will find in the store, and can be put on and taken off quicker than it takes for a song on the radio to play! This is on the list of funny costume ideas because you will surely make everybody laugh when they see you dressed up as something that they regularly put on their hot dog.

A Hotdog

Speaking of hot dogs, this costume is featured on the list of funny costume ideas because it allows you to pose as your favorite barbequed snack! This costume can be slipped on and off, and can be purchased for less than any other full costume that you will find in the store. What is even more amazing is that some of these costume packages even go as far as allowing you to customize what condiments you would like to put on your hot dog; this way you can also let everybody know how you like your hot dog to be dressed. Dress up as your favorite barbeque meat from this list of funny costume ideas, and allow everybody to have a chuckle at what you have decided to wear.

Dumb And Dumber

If there is one scene in the movie Dumb And Dumber that everyone remembers, it is by far when they are fighting with their canes in vibrantly colored suits; these two characters have made these costumes famous and are featured in this article of funny costume ideas. Although this requires a partner, you can almost guarantee that there will not be another person that is dressed up in the same costume as you; these are the most overlooked costumes out of the funny costume ideas that are featured. If you are looking for a unique costume that will make everyone laugh at the same time as they realize that your costume is the only of its kind that they have seen, then dressing up as dumb and dumber is the answer for you. Being one of the funny costume ideas was easy for these characters, as they have made people laugh at their movie, and now it is easy to find their attire just as funny!

A Blind Referee

It is the irony of this costume that makes everybody laugh, and allows it to be featured on this list of funny costume ideas. The job of a referee is to determine the legitimacy of certain aspects of sports; however, it is impossible to do so if they are blind. A common saying in the sports industry when the referee makes a bad decision is "what are you blind?"; moreover, it is the truth behind the irony that allows people to see the humour in this costume. Anybody that loves sports will have a laugh at this costume, and will definitely deem is as one of the funny costume ideas!

A Beer Bottle

This will kick a giggle out of anybody, especially when being worn at a party that involves drinking beer. This costume is considered one of the funny costume ideas because it appeals to all beer drinkers in a phenomenally funny way. People that drink beer find everything to do with beer extremely funny for some reason; nobody knows why this is, but everybody knows that it is true. Therefore, what would they find funnier than a human-sized beer bottle standing right in front of them. This costume is one of the funny costume ideas because it appeals to all beer drinkers in a hilarious manner.

Chubby Elvis

This costume would be a hit anywhere, and is one of the funny costume ideas because almost absolutely everybody loved Elvis. This singer that was known as "the king" was literally a legend in his era; moreover, this costume brings back that legend, but with a small twist. Seeing Elvis with his chubby stomach hanging out of his shirt is bound to make anybody laugh. Once again, I believe that it is the irony that brings this costume onto the list of funny costume ideas; seeing a legend with a legendary stomach will put a smile on anybody's face.


Gumby was, and is still currently a popular character for children; his color, personality, and shape appeal to all children. Seeing this childhood loved creature practically come to life is what makes this costume placed on this list of funny costume ideas. As a child, many people imagined and wished that Gumby was a real life character of human size that they could play and chat with; this costume allows those childhood dreams to come to life. Being dressed as Gumby will bring a friendly smile and laugh to everyone's face, and is definitely considered one of the funny costume ideas.

Wearing a costume that makes everyone chuckle will easily make you the center of attention, and the life of the party. There are many lists of costumes that seemingly offer you many costume ideas; however, this article presents you with a list of funny costume ideas that are relatively inexpensive, easy to prepare, and easy to find. You may use these funny costume ideas as is, manipulate them, or simply read them and decide upon an entirely different costume; however, whichever that you choose, you should make sure that everybody will be able to laugh at it. Choosing a costume from a list of funny costume ideas that are only geared towards a specific crowd will only make it funny to certain individuals; however, choosing one that appeals to everybody will make it a funny costume in general. Use the funny costume ideas that are provided in this article to make sure that everybody laughs when they see what you are dressed up as, and be sure to make everyone leave with a smile on their face!