If you are looking for a last minute funny costume for Halloween, then try these ideas:

Depending on how much time you have, meaning if you just got invited like 1/2 hour ago! Those are time crunch ones that require quick ideas in five minutes or less, or if you have an hour or so, here are a few ideas, or if you totally forgot about it and procrastinated all month about coming up with a costume, then try these ideas. The following ideas can work in all of these scenarios!

Girlie Ghost!

Last Minute Ideas

 1. Static Cling

If you didn't get much notice, and still want to dress in a funny costume for Halloween, then wear a normal comfortable outfit, and pin odd socks and underwear and maybe some pantyhose to yourself, and call yourself "STATIC CLING" this is a really good one, for those 5 minutes or less scenarios!

2. Chicklet

Cut the top out of an old pillow case and slip it over your head, and call yourself a chicklet.

3. Fridge Magnet

Dress normally, and see if you have a black shoe box laying around, or paint a shoe box black depending on how much time you have, and attach it to your back (you may need help with this one) and call yourself a "FRIDGE MAGNET"

4. Ghost

Then there is always your standby ghost with the white sheet. But you could dress it up a bit and be a "GIRLIE GHOST" with makeup etc. Just paint eye shadow above the holes you cut out for the eyes, and lipstick around the mouth and cinch it in at the waist with a belt and wear some heels.


Sexy Skunk!

5. SKUNK...

Do this by wearing all black, and either paint a white stripe down your back, or if don't want to ruin your clothes, pin crepe paper or white paper to your back.


This is great if you are short on time.

Attach two pieces of white board together with rope (like as if you were going to be one of those sandwhich boards you see on the sidewalks trying to sell things)

Then draw skeleton bones of your middle on the front and back.

With a Bit More Time...

The above 6 ideas, are great for little or very short notice, on an invitation to a Halloween party. Trying to make a funny costume, just takes a bit of thought, sometimes simple is better.

If you have more time. Homemade costumes are always fun, after all, anyone can go to the store and buy a funny costume, or scary costume, or the latest TV character, but making your own, can be fun and you are not likely to run into anyone else with the same costume.


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Here are a couple of easy ideas:

1. Pumpkin Head..

Take a white sheet and dye it orange.

Then put a folded pillow on your head, or something to heighten the costume.

Mark a spot for your eyes and nose and mouth, and cut them out as small as possible, these are just to see where you are going and to be able to breathe!.

Decorate the top part. Basically you will stuff the top part of the sheet with the pillow and tie it underneath. This is the pumpkin part of the costume.

Then place this on your head, you will need the holes under this pumpkin for your eyes and mouth etc.. You will look like you are wearing a pumpkin on your head, and your body is mostly covered with the rest of the orange sheet.

This will add some height to you, so you will stand above the crowd!. You could also stuff the pumpkin part with stuffing and tie it off underneath, then place the pumpkin head/sheet over you.



Poop Emoji

2. Poop!

Here is something off color, but effective as a funny costume at your Halloween party.

Dress in all black, with a black hoodie, and then wear a black garbage bag over your body and tie it off in different places to look like creases.

Then put your hood up, and either make yourself a large fly, or buy a plastic fly somewhere, and place this on your head.

Have you guessed what this is?? A piece of Poo.. nice This guy was the talk of our last party! definitely original!


 Wear a flannel shirt, jeans and find a beat up hat, a straw one would be good, but a beat up ball cap works too.

Get some rope and tie off the bottoms of your pants and sleeves, stuff some plastic bags at the ends, with some hanging out.

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4. Everyone likes a good NERD..

Wear pants that are too short with white socks, penny loafers and a white shirt with a pocket and put in a pen protector, and slick back your hair. This works for a girl or a guy.

5. Be a MUMMY

 Wrap yourself up in white bandages, but make sure you allow for your knees and elbows bending. The only thing about this funny costume, is that it can get warm, so don't wear too much underneath. Or use crepe paper, and start ripping if off later!


Pin fake flowers all over you, and either make or find a fake birds nest and wear it on top of your head, complete with little fake birds.


Depending on your size, this may or may not work, but is a cool and funny costume.

Find a cheap plastic laundry basket, and cut the bottom out, or enough for you to step into it, up to your waist, and be able to stay up by itself.

Wearing comfortable clothes, wear your laundry basket up around your waist, and fill the basket with clothes and rags for laundry.


Do the same as number 7 for laundry basket. Cut out the bottom of a laundry basket, and step into it, and fill the gaps with small white balloons, to represent the bubbles.

Wear a shower cap, and attach a scrub brush and have a rubber ducky sitting in the balloons.

These are just a few ideas to get you going.

I am sure you can come up with some variations of the ones above, or something totally different.

If you have the time, you can draw your ideas ahead of time, and come up with a supply list, and make it. But many of us, have to come up with a funny costume with literally no notice.

But the point is to have fun, and save some money as well. Happy Halloween!

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