Halloween is the best time of the year to let loose and have some fun. A funny Halloween costume can make even the shiest person a little more adventurous and outgoing. Coming up with a clever and unique costume is easy. The first thing to do is to use recent trends and add a funny twist to them. Popular viral videos, television shows and politics are great places to begin.

freshman costume

Viral videos are popular with adults of all ages and can be the inspiration to a hilarious Halloween costume. For example, Neil Patrick Harris has a video of himself as Dr. Horrible, a mad scientist who flubs up a lot and likes to sing about his evil plans. A white coat and goggles are only the beginning to making this a funny costume. What puts it over the top are the crazy hair and the person willing to sing all night. Sing about the most mundane activities, such as going to the bathroom. Add a Dr. Horrible name tag to top off this costume.

Television is another good place to find ideas for funny costumes. The most obvious show to spoof would be Saturday Night Live. There are a number of hilarious characters to choose from, such as MacGruber and the "in a box" duo. Each of those costumes would be easy to put together with a few thrift store finds. For MacGruber, all that is needed is a plaid shirt, vest and worn jeans. For a true representation, pick up a shaggy brown wig. For the "in a box" duo all you really need is a cardboard box attached to your waist. If you are looking for a funny costume for a couple, the skit "two a-holes" would be perfect. No special costumes needed, just a commitment to attitude. The key is to never break character.

Everybody loves election years because politicians make the best funny costumes. Start with a nice suit and add any numbers of masks, such a Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan. For a truly unique political costume, get a mask but create a funny wardrobe. For George W. Bush you could wear a cowboy costume. For a Dick Cheney mask, simply wear a plaid shirt, orange vest and carry around a rifle.

The trick to making a funny costume is being creative and not being afraid to act a little silly. Self-deprecation can be very funny, so as long as you do not take yourself too seriously the costume should be a hit. If you do not like any of the ideas above you can create your own funny costume. Take an everyday object or event and put a funny twist on it. For example, make an iPhone costume with a funny fake text message on the screen. Some fake messages could be related to getting dumped or even common error messages.