Cows can be funny creatures. Cows and the internet were meant for each other. I don't mean cows are meant to be surfing the web, but pictures of cows are meant to be shared on the web. It would however be funny to see a cow surfing the web. Here are some images of cows that might bring smile to your face.

Milk Snakes

Milk Snakes

Milk snakes are not meant to milk cows. This picture was originally published in the book "Snakes" by James Gordon Irving in 1959.

Cow Sign

Cow Stare

Warning: The cow may stare at you in a way that scares the crap out of you, figuratively.

Cow Stronger Than Car

Beware: Cow Stronger Than Car

If you drive through an area with this type of sign posted you probably don't want to be on a motorcycle or a convertible. A monster truck may be the advisable vehicle to be riding in when you come to this area.


Watusi Bull

Why come we never get to see bull fighters in Mexico and Spain fight a Watusi Bull like this one? A real bullfighter would not be scared of this Watusi Bull…would he? I would ride my bicycle to Mexico to get a chance to see a bull fighter attempt to intimidate a Watusi Bull with the big ol' horns! Imagine how many views on YouTube this video would receive is a Bull fighter actually had a Watusi Bull with long horns in his area to fight!

Crazy Cow Ride

Cow Showing Off

This cow would be a fun one to take to the local fair. He would not be afraid of any of the rides. Imagine this guy on the Pirate Ship swooshing back and forth…Oh Yeah!

Cows are not typically though of as funny animals, but they truly are. Look how many cows are in humorous commercials. You have a cow kicking a soccer ball and even the happy cows in California. Cows are funny and you may be able to find cow stock photos to spruce up your next article or blog post. Image Credits: (Flickr/svadilfari) (Flickr/Cory Doctorow) (Flickr/tm-tm) (Wikipedia/z2amiller) (arteyfotografia/undomiel)