Easter has always been celebrated with great joy. Funny Easter jokes and riddles for young ones and adults alike are there to make the festival even more entertaining. Majority of funny Easter jokes and riddles involve bunnies and eggs, and of course, Easter itself and the many traditions that comes with it, all of which are suitable for kids and adults of all ages who are into computer games and other for-the-young-at-heart stuff. A number of them even have a religious, yet humorous feel to them.

The main aspect, however, is that funny Easter jokes and riddles should be appropriate for all people. Another important factor is that they should not offend religious opinions of other people. Traditions during Easter make it one of the most exciting and fun festivity being celebrated each year, and funny Easter jokes and riddles add more excitement to it.

Telling Funny Easter Jokes and Riddles

The Benefits

A lot of people know that jokes are nothing more than just trivial and juvenile tidbits. So, is it even remotely important to bother ourselves with them? Well, yes! Why? It’s because they can tickle your bones, and let’s face it, all of us love a laugh or two. There are other benefits that funny Easter jokes and riddles can give such as:

Enhances your mood. For kids and their parents who are having somewhat of a gloomy and boring day, they can all huddle up together and take turns telling funny Easter jokes and riddles to each other. This kind of activity can help brighten up your day and make you feel better.

Great way to celebrate the holidays. Children love to partake in activities which celebrate special events and festivities. Gather an assortment of witty jokes involving that special day. Making or telling jokes are an excellent way to celebrate a festival.

Boosts speech skills development. For kids, telling funny Easter jokes and riddles can help them improve on their language skills. It is an excellent speech practice method to recite something out loud since they would be working on their pronunciation and tone. This is especially true for tongue twisters. It can also help build their confidence level.

Develops creativity. It can be quite entertaining to watch kids try to invent their own funny Easter jokes and riddles. Although it may end up being corny, as well as confusing, the pleasure that is shown on the child’s face will definitely compensate any mistakes he/she has made.

Funny Easter Jokes and Riddles for Kids - Resources

People from all over the globe who are part of the Christian community celebrate Easter to observe the rebirth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Although the festivity greets the spring season as well, people use this occasion to their advantage to spend quality time with their family, loved ones and friends. The highlights of the day are going to church masses, exchanging greetings, giving gifts, partying and doing other fun activities. As for get-togethers and social events, good and funny Easter jokes and riddles can create a nice, joyful tone, particularly for kids.

Here are some websites that have numerous funny Easter jokes and riddles for kids which you can make use of so as to get the Easter environment into the mood, or use them for scavenger hunting. Likewise, these funny Easter jokes and riddles for kids can be included to email messages, gifts for family and friends, as well as greeting cards.

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Related Fun Facts

* Easter derived its name from the ancient Anglo-Saxon goddess (of the dawn initially), Eostre. A yearly spring celebration was carried out back in the pagan days in her honor.

    * Called Pysanka, it is the traditional method of egg painting.

    * At present, Easter is celebrated after the full moon on the 1st Sunday that occurs on or after the 21st of March, which is the Spring Equinox (this is based on the Book of Common Prayer writings).

    * In medieval period, an egg-throwing celebration was done in church wherein one of the choirboys would catch a hard-boiled egg tossed by the priest. The act would continue from one choirboy to the other, and whoever was holding the egg (at exactly 12 o’clock) was regarded the victor and kept the egg.

    * Giving of eggs at Easter time was a tradition which can be traced back to Romans, Persians, Greeks, Egyptians and Gauls, who consider the egg as a representation of life.

    * Peter Carl Faberge, a famous goldsmith, was the one who made the world-renowned ornamented Easter eggs. Faberge was commissioned in 1883 to create a one-of-a-kind Easter present for the Empress Marie, wife of the Russian Czar, Alexander. The original Faberge egg was an egg inside an egg.

    * U.S. President Hayes and Lucy (his wife) publicly opened the grounds of the White House in 1878 to kids within the vicinity for an egg rolling event on Easter Monday. Since then, it was on the South Lawn that the celebration was conducted, with the exception of World War I and II. During those times, the activity was done at the National Zoo and other places in Washington.

    * Holder of The Guinness Book of Records’ biggest Easter egg ever created is Guylian, a Belgian chocolate maker, who on behalf of the St. Niklass (a city) created it with approximately 50,000 chocolate bars. The chocolate egg has a height measuring to 8.32 meters, and 26 craftsmen worked 525 hours in total to create it, using 1,950 kilograms of chocolates.

Using Funny Easter Jokes and Riddles in Crafts and Activities

What are the things you can do with all the funny Easter jokes and riddles you’ve gathered?

    * Set apart the questions from the answers, and then let the children attempt to match them up with the right one.

    * Put them inside eggs made of plastic, and once the Easter egg hunt is over, let kids read them to one another.

    * Create a collage of funny Easter jokes and riddles on a cardboard. Children can make use of crayons and markers to draw symbols related to Easter around the collage’s edges.

    * Fill a construction paper with jokes, decorate it and then frame it.

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