Two Gag Gift Ideas That Made Me Laugh

If you have a man in your life that is difficult to buy for, this short list of funny golf gift ideas should solve your problem.  You've probably seen the usual golf gag gifts like exploding golf balls, but I bet these two ideas will be new to you.  

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Golf can be such a serious sport.  These wacky gag gifts are just what you need to lighten the mood and have some fun out there on the course.  If you are the golfer that has everything, or if you know one, read on -- I'm guessing you don't have these funny golf gift ideas in your bag.  

1. Potty Putter - This product definitely makes my cut of funny golf gift ideas.  I can't believe this is a real product.  Now, I don't think that this extra practice time will actually help a golfer's game because the stance and surroundings don't exactly mimic a real golf course green and environment; however, I'm sure this prank gift idea will get a big laugh when it is unwrapped from the gift box.  I don't know if I'd put this in my main bathroom, but it does belong in any respectable man cave.   

potty putter funny golf gift idea

2. Big Daddy, The Weed Whacking Golf Driver  - This is a fantastic gag golf present.  If you are always hitting balls into the high grass, this club provides a James Bond-like solution.  It has a weed whacker build right in, so you can trim the grass around the ball and have a better shot.  OK, this is probably not exactly in-line with the official golf rule book, but who cares.  The other golfers in the group will be rolling on the ground in laughter when they see you trimming the rough patch around your ball.  This funny golf gift idea could also be used off the course at home, I suppose.  Your neighbors might give you some funny looks, but I think it would add some fun to yard work.  

Funny Golf Gift Ideas


There you go.  Two gag golf gifts that will get plenty of laughs and delight the golfer that is difficult to buy for and already has everything.  Get more info on these, along with other unique golf gift ideas here.  I hope you enjoyed these funny golf gift ideas!