It seems that people going out together for Halloween are always on the hunt for some funny group costume ideas to use! Groups of people that go out for Halloween are usually on the hunt for multiple costumes that are all related, and will make others laugh.

There are two options when it comes to getting your hands on group costumes. Everyone in the group can dress up as the exact same thing (for example, 4 people dressing up in Elvis Presley costumes) or each person in the group can dress in a different costume that falls under a single theme or category (for example, one person dressing up as a doctor and three people dressing up as patients)!

There are literally hundreds of group costume ideas that are considered to be funny, but only a handful of them can be deemed as being good! This article will go through 3 separate sets of costume ideas that you and your friends can choose to wear. The greatest thing about these costume suggestions is that you can wear them regardless of how many people are dressing up together; whether you are 2 people going out for Halloween or can use these ideas!

Cheap Group Halloween Costume-Homeless People

We are living through hard economic times, and a group of people buying $80 Halloween costumes is not the greatest idea. There are definitely ways to execute some homemade costume ideas using only the clothes that you already have in yoComplete Homeless Man Costume With MaskCredit: Amazon.comur just have to be somewhat creative.

One brilliant idea that I saw a group of people using on one Halloween was dressing up as homeless men and women. All of their costumes were homemade and consisted of clothes that they already had in their closet!

The first step in creating some homeless Halloween costumes for your group to wear is finding some baggy and worn out clothes. I know that people don’t generally keep torn up clothes in their closets (because they don’t plan on wearing them), but many people seem to wear these types of clothes to bed (they use them as pyjamas). Once you have found the homeless-looking clothes you will be halfway to creating your group Halloween costumes.

The second step involves looking dirty and unwashed. There are two ways to do this:

-Go outside and rub your hands in some soil or dirt. Once your hands are dirty, wipe them all over your face and arms! This will make your homeless Halloween costume look extremely realistic.

-Get some black face makeup and lightly apply it to all of the areas of your face! This won’t produce as realistic of a homeless look as dirt/soil do, but it is a much more sanitary way of creating your own homeless person costume!

It doesn’t matter which of the two options that you choose, as long as all of the group members are consistent!Skittles Bag Halloween CostumeCredit:

Funny Do-It-Yourself Group Costumes For Halloween-A Pack Of Skittles Or M&M’s

This DIY group Halloween costume requires a little bit of work, but will make all of the other people around you laugh! Everyone in the group will be dressing up as an M&M or a Skittle. Once again, it doesn’t matter which of these two options that you choose, as long as everyone in the group is consistent with their choice.

For example, everyone in the group can be an M&M or everyone can be a Skittle...try not to mix and match!

In order to execute this funny group costume idea for Halloween every person should buy a vibrantly colored shirt. The shirt should be plain and should Red M&M Costume For TeensCredit: Amazon.comnot have any designs on it! Amazon has a ton of plain colored shirts for cheap prices!

Once every group member has a plain t shirt, you should iron a big white “M” or “S” on each shirt.  It’s as simple as that!

I deem this to be the easiest out of all of the funny group costume ideas because each of the M&M or Skittles shirts can be made in as little as a few minutes!

Have Everyone In Your Group Dress Up As The Black Eyed P’s!

When people think of the Black Eyed P’s, they automatically think of the popular band or the beans that come in a can! However, this homemade group costume ideas can really make the other people at a Halloween party think for a second.

Simply have everyone in your Halloween group paint a black circle around one of their eyes, and put on a large “P” of some sort! The “P” can be ironed onto a shirt or cut out of cardboard and hung around each member’s neck!

This article lists and describes three funny group costume ideas that can be used on Halloween; they are all great outfits, and will make people laugh!