As Hanukkah approaches, people began to think about the holidays. Whether you are planning on giving 8 gifts for each day of Hanukkah or one special gift, shopping can be tricky. Most people will give movies, candles, soaps, clothes, small appliances and other traditional gifts. These gifts can be boring and uninspired. You want to give your friends and family gifts that are memorable and fun. Funny Hanukkah gifts can be enjoyed by everyone. Every age, every sex and every race will loves to receive a funny gift. Funny gifts are also a great form of revenge. When your best friend gives you a used sweater for Hanukkah, you can get revenge by giving them a funny gift. What about the friend or family who has everything? As long as they have a funny bone, there is a gift out there that is perfect for them. Below are five of the funniest Hanukkah gifts you can give your loved ones. These gifts can be purchased online from Amazon.

Christmahanukkah Funny Hooded Sweatshirt

Christmas Hanukkah Funny Hooded SweatshirtCredit: you are looking for a funny Hanukkah gift for friends or family who celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas, consider giving them the Christmahanukkah Funny Hooded Sweatshirt. This shirt will make everyone laugh! Printed on the front in blue letters are the words “Merry Christmahanukkah”. There is an image of a Christmas tree with a menorah tree topper. The sweatshirt comes in medium, large and X-large and you have the choice of white or gray. It is machine washable so you don’t have to worry about stains. The hood fits all sizes and can be adjusted using the drawstrings. A large pocket is located on the front of the sweatshirt and can hold cell phones, lipstick, and money or can be used to keep hands warm. This humorous Hanukkah gift is made by CafePress and sells for less than $50.

"Happy Hanukkah" Greeting Card by Bald Guy

Happy Hanukkah Greeting Card by Bald GuyCredit: “Happy Hanukah” greeting card will have your friends rolling on the floor laughing. This 5 inch by 7 inch vertical card features an ugly looking elf decorating a Christmas tree. It has a green background and a white border. “Happy Hanukkah” is printed at the top of the card in white ink. Inside, the card reads, “I know this looks like a Christmas card, but that’s not an elf on the front. It’s actually an old Jewish man named Morty. Happy Hanukkah.” That is some pretty funny stuff! It was written by Ian Kalman and the card was designed by Sean Farrell. The card is printed on recycled paper so you can show that you care about the environment. When you purchase a 2-pack of these cards, you get 16 cards (8 cards per box). That’s enough cards for all of your family and friends. This card would make a funny Chanukah gift, especially if you put a little money or a gift card inside.

Rabbi Street Sign

Rabbi Street SignCredit: Rabbi Street Sign is a funny gift that any Jewish friend would enjoy. It is 4 inches by 18 inches and can be placed indoors or outdoors. It is made from an exterior grade PVC plastic and printed with a high quality ink. It will last over 5 years in outdoor weather. The sign will not rust or fade. It looks just like an official street sign with rounded corners, green background and white border. The sign has pre-drilled holes to make it easy to hang. This sign is perfect for a garage or man cave or even in a living room as a talking point. This is a gift your friends and family will enjoy for many years.

RABBI Street Sign synagogue hanukkah Jewish cantor temple shul
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(price as of May 5, 2016)

Happy Hanukkah Hat

Happy Hanukkah HatWe have all heard about a Santa hat but what about a Hanukkah hat? I haven’t heard of one until now. The Happy Hanukkah hat is a fluffy blue and white hat that looks like a menorah. Have you ever seen someone with a menorah on their head? Neither have I. It looks hilarious. One size fits all when it comes to the Hanukkah hat. If you are looking for funny Hanukkah gifts, look no further than the Happy Hanukkah Hat.

Elope - Happy Hanukkah Hat
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(price as of May 5, 2016)

Happy Chanukah Jack-In-The-Box

Happy Chanukah Jack-In-The-BoxCredit: funny Chanukah gift for all ages is the Happy Chanukah Jack-In-The-Box. It is a metal box that has funny cartoon dreidels telling the story of Hanukkah on the outside along with a rainbow border of music notes. When you crank the handle, it plays the Dreidel Song. After a few seconds of cranking, a rainbow colored guy pops out wearing a black and green top hat and is holding a blue banner with the message “Happy Chanukah”. Anyone who loves toys will love this fun gift. Everything about this gift is funny and will bring out the kid in people.

Happy Chanukah Jack-In-The-Box "Plays the Draydel Song"
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(price as of May 5, 2016)

Here are a few tips that can help you choose a great gift. First, make sure you have a budget. Do not spend too much on a gift. You don’t want someone to feel bad because they can’t afford to give you a similar priced gift. If you know that the person won’t mind if you buy them something expensive, then go right ahead and buy it for them. You also don’t want to blow your budget on something too expensive for your household budget. You want to still be able to pay your bills comfortably. The second tip is to make a list of hobbies enjoyed by your friends and family and be sure to jot down their clothing sizes as well (tell them why you need their clothing size or you might come off as being rude for asking). It is easier to shop for someone when you know what they enjoy and it is much easier to buy someone clothes when you know what size they wear. Be sure to get a gift receipt if you purchase the item in a retail store. This way, your friend can easily return the gift if they do not like it. Some people just don’t have a sense of humor and won’t appreciate funny Hanukkah gifts.