Things were not turning out as planned for Joanne. It was her birthday and she was expecting lots more than the cursory greetings she had received from the close members of her family.

Joanne is married and has 2 daughters and a son and all three of them are happily married. While her elder daughter stays out of town, her sons stays with her and her other daughter stays a few blocks away.

Even though Joanne is old enough, she still loves to enjoy a special birthday, a funny happy birthday.

Yet all that she got till noon were the cursory greetings, from her family and close relatives. Joanne thought that people do not bother about celebrating birthday's of aged persons in a lively manner any longer.

She was entirely wrong and that would be proved quite soon. Unknown to Joanne, her family members had chalked out a plan and had planned to surprise her with a funny happy birthday.

They were all planning to celebrate her birthday in a big way, but did not want her to be aware about it till the last moment.

Keeping these things in mind, the members of her family keep all the plans under covers. When Joanne's sister arrived during the noon, there was nothing in it to doubt about. Living just a block away, this lady used to drop in at her sister's place every now and then.

She generally used to stay for an hour or two before returning to her abode. Joanne still had no idea about the impending funny happy birthday when her sister remained back long after her customary time of 2 hours.

The real fun started when her elder daughter visited her along with her husband. She had come along with her husband who was in town for an important business meeting.

It was only late in the evening when her other daughter along with her husband visited Joanne with a huge cake that she realized that her birthday was going to be celebrated in a big way.

A funny happy birthday party is not tough to achieve and provides lots of fun.

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