Great Halloween costumes are funny, recognizable, easy to make, and inexpensive; however, there are only a handful of outfits that actually fit this criteria! I have seen hundreds of funny homemade Halloween costume ideas, and have only really been taken back by a few of them. Most of the costumes are either expensive or make people think too much.

The best funny Halloween costumes are the ones that make people laugh immediately upon looking at thinking should be required.

I’m not here to promote some Halloween products or outfits; however, I am here to open your eyes to the top 5 funny Halloween costume ideas that you can execute on the spookiest night of the year!

Here they are:

Homemade Group Costumes-Deal Or No Deal Women

Almost everyone has watched a version of the famous television show Deal Or No Deal, regardless of where they live. With that being said, dressing up in Deal or no Deal Halloween costumes is an absolutely perfect idea.

People will recognize you as being dressed up as the women, and the costumes are extremely easy to put together.

In order to make your own do-it-yourself Deal or no Deal costumes, each woman must:

-Dress up in a fancy black dress. The dress should not be too revealing as the Deal or no Deal ladies look very professional on the show.

-Get your hands on a briefcase. You should try your hardest to find a silver briefcase as that is the color that the ladies use on the TV show.

-Use a black permanent marker to write a number down on the briefcase. The number is completely up to you; however, you should remember that the highest briefcase number on Deal or no Deal is 26!

As you can see, creating a DIY Deal or no Deal costume is ridiculously easy! For an even better effect, get one of your bald male friends to dress up as Howie Mandel and follow you around.

Family Costume Idea-The Football Family

This is one of the best funny homemade Halloween costume ideas if you are going trick or treating with your family. You can all dress up as a different aspect of football!

Each member of the family can be completely creative about this, but here are some ideas:

-Wear your favourite football jersey and create your own DIY football player costume.

-Wear a vertically striped black and white shirt to dress up as a referee. Or head on over to Amazon to see their selection of referee costumes

-Dress one of your toddlers up in a costume of an actual pig skin football

-Have your wife/daughter dress up as the head cheerleader of a football team!

These are all ideas that came from the top of my head; however, a football theme is the perfect set of funny costume ideas for nearly any family!

Funny Costume For A Small Group-Three Blind Mice

I would highly recommend using this costume if you are heading out for Halloween in a group of three!

Each person should head on over to Amazon to take a look at their mouse Halloween costumes. Once they have chosen the mouse costume that best suits them, they should pull out their favourite pair of sunglasses!

This funny costume idea is literally THAT simple, is practically homemade, and is completely inexpensive! Put on your mouse costume and a pair of sunglasses and you will be dressed up as three blind mice!

A simple note of caution is to be careful when wearing the sunglasses at night. Trick or treating and Halloween parties occur at night. Darkness and sunglasses are not a good mixture!

Dress Up As A Melted Snow Man

This is one of the funniest homemade Halloween costume ideas and can be created from things that you already have lying around your house!

The one stipulation is that you will be walking around while you are soaking wet!

Basically, you’re going to walk around drenched in water while carrying some lumps of coal and a carrot!

I would really avoid going trick or treating while dressed up in this snowman Halloween costume because you will probably catch pneumonia while walking around soaking wet!

Swimming In Money!

This homemade Halloween costume idea is also funny and completely inexpensive to create!

Simply walk around in your bathing suit with Monopoly money taped to you. You will be dressed as someone that is “swimming in money”! I can guarantee that this is one of the funniest Halloween costumes that people will have seen. And the fact that it is homemade makes it even better!

I am not saying that these are the only funny homemade Halloween costume ideas that you can use on this October 31st; however, I am saying that these are my top 5!