Whenever a shocking or despicable event happens there will always be a handful of internet jokers to lighten the mood. Following the manic riots in the past week across London, Manchester and the Midlands pictures taken by brave photographers emerged of looters and rioters causing havoc in city and town centres. Everybody agrees that the main purpose of the photographs is to catch any offenders, however, they also offer a great chance for viral photoshoppers to add a little humnor to proceedings. 

Here are a selcection of the best and funniest of the lighthearted virals:


How it all began...


Right under his nose: Looters make the most of David Cameron's emergency press conference to nick in through his window.


No more 'Hug a Hoody': He's not exactly Schwarznegger but the British PM means business.


Rioting Makes Elmo Crazy: In this R rated episode of Sesame Street the gang go mental for free stuff looted from nearby shops.


The Furry Arm of the Law: Children entertainers by day, crime fighting vigilantes by night. Teletubbies Dipsy and Po apprehend one looter whilst Tinky Winky grabs on to the leg of another. La La lives up to her name by contributing nothing at all.


NBA Street - Riot Version: An energetic youth takes time out from his arson duties to have a game of one on one with an NBA pro.


Eton Rifle: London Mayor Boris Johnson vows to wreak revenge on the hoodlums that set about destroying his city.


Crime that's out of this World: One thief manages to grab a basketful of goods from his local supermarket. Oh and E.T of course.


Use the force! The Police force!: Darth Vader fancied kitting out the new death star with a few electrical items until he was repremanded by London police.


What a bunch of Muppets: Our favourite children's characters are caught up in the mayhem. Although Jess the cat always did have a dark side to her.


Serving Some Cold, Hard Justice: A personal favourite this one as a copper and a rioter have a leisurely game of swingball mid-riot.


Beiber Fever: Surely everyone's first port of call when it comes to robbing a shop - GRAB AS MANY POSTERS OF JUSTIN AS YOU CAN CARRY, OK?!


Can't Buy Me Love: But this moron would probably steal it if he could.

And the winner is....


This photo hasn't even been tampered with. It's just a young woman who appears to be affirming her position as a top gangster by robbing a value pack of rice. Nice one Britain.

N.B: All photographs obtained legally. No offence is meant to be cause from the pictures. It's just a bit of lighthearted fun poking at those involved with the rioting.