Break away from tradition and start the coming new days with funny New Year's ideas and resolutions. Every January 1st, all sorts of people come up with promises and changes they would like to fulfill in the coming months. Either they want to kick a bad habit or form better relationships these vows usually end up neglected. But life can't be so serious all the time. Funny New Year's resolutions are for those people who want to take on the whole tradition with a little humor. Shake off the stress on New Year's holidays by making funny New Year's resolutions.

Funny New Year's resolutions - Why People Vow to Change

There comes a time when you just become disgusted with some of the habits you have. So you decide to change them and what better time to start than on January 1st? However, for those who can't stick to their vows, they're better off making funny New Year's resolutions. During New Year's holidays, a lot of people would like to start their day on a clean slate. However, vestiges of the celebration are hard to shake off and people who would want to lose weight end up putting off dieting for next week or next month or never. Making funny New Year's resolutions would be the perfect antidote to this kind of behavior.

Unlike hard to fulfill pledges, funny New Year's resolutions are easy to make and even easier to achieve. To get funny New Year's ideas and resolutions, think about your biggest frustrations and turn your vows against them. Unbeknownst to you, your funny New Year's resolutions might be just what you need to realize the things that you need to modify in your life. Sometimes, loosening up and taking on challenges with a sense of humor can help you achieve your goal more easily. Funny New Year's resolutions will keep you from getting disappointed because you will not be setting your expectations too high.

Funny New Year's resolutions - Take it a Little Less Seriously

The month of January is flooded with pledges and oath that are decided firmly. Not only New Year photo cards are given but also declarations of brand new habits for a better and healthier life. You might be one of these people and when you have made yours, you were absolutely certain that you were going to make it through. However, February came and your firm resolve started waning. As more months progressed, life started to become boring and the pledges seemed more impossible to attain. If you can't take it anymore, a better idea would be to have funny New Year's ideas and resolutions. They are just what you need to gain your sanity and maybe even your life back.

Forget about losing weight and striving to always remember anniversary dates. Laugh a lot this time with funny New Year's resolutions. There's no use getting frustrated when there are plenty of ways in which you can make your life more fun. Funny New Year's resolutions will keep yourself, your friends, and your family from getting disappointed when you can't stick to your promises. Bravely face life's challenges with funny New Year's resolutions, and maybe this time you can make your life better. Remember that life is way more interesting with funny New Year's ideas and resolutions. There's no reason why you can't celebrate New Year's holidays without worrying about shedding a piece of yourself to become a changed person.

Funny New Year's resolutions - There's Not Really a Big Difference, Anyway

The best thing about funny New Year's resolutions is that you can make them and break them anytime you want. These are not life-changing decisions because your objective when you made these funny New Year's resolutions was to add a little spice and laughter to your life. Setting up goals is one thing but trying to achieve them is another. The road can be hard and challenging and you are bound to meet your share of failure along the way. However, funny New Year's resolutions on New Year's holidays can be rewarding if only to give yourself a break. Here are a few funny New Year's resolutions you can try starting January 1st:

  • To finish the started things is a very good habit. I will start the new year by finishing all opened and unfinished alcohol bottles that I can find in my home.
  • I will set up a Facebook reminder to help keep me up to date on why I should stop using Facebook. (Wouldn't be great to start a social networking site to use where everyone would leave us alone!)
  • I will memorize the pizza restaurant's delivery number.
  • I will try every flavour of Bryers icecream.
  • I will get organized this year. I will start making toDo lists for every area of my life: business, family, friends, finances, health. And then I will need a list to keep track of where are all those lists...
  • I will start reading more as soon as I can find the time to walk into a bookstore.
  • I will care more about the environment so I have to watch more National Geographic.
  • I will resist the urge to fascinate people with old and tired jokes.
  • I will stop worrying about the past. It is now time to worry about the future.
  • I've decided to start an exercise program this year....I will move the remote from the armrest to the coffee table.
  • I will never eat chocolates again. At least, the white ones.
  • I will spend more time with my children after watching my favorite TV show.
  • To avoid messing things up, I will always refer to the manual. I just can't find it yet.
  • I will stop worrying about things that don't worry about me.
  • I will start asking for direction instead on relying on my lame navigational skills.
  • I will always tell the truth so the next time my mother-in-law visits, I will tell her just how I feel about her.
  • I will start losing weight and give up certain foods, especially those that belong to my least favorite list.
  • I need to exercise every day, so from now on I will walk myself down the stairs instead of taking the elevator. At least when descending.

These funny New Year's resolutions aren't really that different from what most people would like to seriously change in their lives. Funny New Year's resolutions might be a little twisted but they do make sense once you read between the lines. When you share these with your friends, you will surely have a good laugh with them. Remember that it is okay to make promises that are truthful yet enjoyable to do. What's more, funny New Year's resolutions provide you with the opportunity to dream big and act silly and nobody would think you're out of your mind.

May all your troubles last less than a short song or than your funny New Year's resolutions!