Do you want to find funny toddler Halloween costumes? If you are putting on a party or have been invited out to one then why not let your young offspring also enjoy the festive atmosphere. Fortunately it is now a lot easier to find fancy dress outfits for toddlers thanks to the mushrooming of online retailers.

Before you place an order you should be aware of a few important considerations. Top of the list should be your child's safety. There should not be any loose accessories that they may swallow, nor fabric hanging over their feet which may cause them to trip up.

The outfit should also be comfortable for them to wear for a prolonged period of time. You should be able to find out whether it will be by dressing them up in it a few days prior to October 31.

You should choose a costume that can be taken off and put on with the minimal of effort as you do not know how often they will request a washroom visit. It would need to allow the child to move freely and safely. Avoid outfits with masks as they may obscure your toddler's line of sight and result in an unfortunate accident. Piglet Halloween Costume

So what exactly are the most popular choices when it comes to Halloween costumes for toddlers and young children? Harry Potter, Cinderella, and other famous stories are always a safe choice. The younger the child the less fussy they are likely to be.

You could opt for a cute costume rather than a gothic affair. How about dressing them up like their favorite cartoon character or animal.

These outfits should not be so difficult to find and can also be customized to suit the child in question. Another interesting idea would be to search for a pumpkin outfit; there is hardly a child that would not look sweet if dressed up in such a costume.

There is always the option of the classical favorite, the ghost look. For this you could design the piece yourself or choose a ready to wear garment from a store.

If you do decide to dress them up like a ghost then try not to make their appearance too frightening as you would not want to scare other children that may be around, the look should be memorable but fun. As long as you take your time over the decision you should be able to choose an outfit that is enjoyable for everyone.