Funny Tweeters

Even though there are a number of people that claim that they are funny tweeters, in actual fact there are only several out of the millions of people on there that can rightfully claim the title of actually making people LOL (laugh out loud) in 140 characters. What follows are nine of those people and reasons why you should consider following them in order to let them brighten up your day and when you see that there are millions of people that already do so, then at least you know they must be entertaining in some way.  Here are the 10 funniest, in no particular order.  Click on the image to open the twitter stream.


Julius SharpeCredit: TwitterJulius Sharpe has the claim to fame of being both the writer and co-producer of the award winning show Family Guy and this will immediately convince you that he will be playing it for laughs on his Twitter account. His Tweets tend to cover his own thoughts on various things from movies, to comments about his toddler, to some random questions that are currently playing on his mind. One thing that is for sure is that you never know what is coming next, so expect the unexpected when you follow them.


Jenny JohnsonCredit: twitterJenny Johnson describes herself as being a comedian, writer and a wife and she certainly gained notoriety when she managed to get on the wrong side of Chris Brown thanks to some of her comments that eventually led to one of those infamous Twitter feuds. Her Tweets are certainly off the cuff remarks covering a wide range of topics and she is certainly not shy in things she goes ahead and says and this really does mean that you will have no idea what she is about to say and you will more than likely end up sitting open mouthed with some of them.


Baze CrazeCredit: twitterBazeCraze is the Twitter account for Alex Baze who is of course the head writer for the weekend segments on Saturday Night Live. He sees himself as having a rather cynical look on life and this does come across in his Tweets that mix that cynicism with humor. This may initially make you think that his Tweets will be rather dark in nature, but the truth is that they are lighthearted and can be enjoyed without putting too much thought into it and there is no doubt that they will actually make you laugh when reading them.


JD HarmCredit: twitterThis Twitter account belongs to JD Harmeyer who is a well-known radio and media personality thanks to his work with Howard Stern. The mere mention of Stern will probably make you think that the Tweets are going to follow a certain kind of style and it is fair to say that they can be rather cheeky in nature and he is not afraid to have a dig at different people or things that we do as a society. If you are looking for the funniest tweeters that are close to the bone, then this may very well be the account to follow.


The SulkCredit: twitterThe Sulk is the Twitter account for Alec Sulkin who is of course yet another writer for Family Guy, and there does seem to be a recurring theme with the funniest tweeters developing, and as like before with Julius Sharpe you can expect a rather strange look at the world. His Tweets are different in that he is seen as being a genius when it comes to writing things that have double meanings with this showcasing his ability at using wordplay. This does mean that at times you have to sit and really think about what he is saying, but once it hits you it will lead to a smile appearing on your face and marveling at the wit that has been shown in 140 characters.


That Ramos GirlCredit: twitterThis particular Twitter account belongs to the TV writer, Vanessa Ramos and as you would expect with a writer, there are some rather witty things being said in her Tweets. Vanessa has a tendency to describe things that she is watching on TV, her opinions on various stars and events, and what makes her one of the funniest tweeters is that she does not really believe in holding back as she likes to say what is on her mind at the time. It is perhaps best to say that you will not have an intellectual conversation on her Twitter account, although this is certainly no slight on her, as it is intended to be lighthearted and just fun to read and this is exactly what you get from following her.


Rob DelaneyCredit: TwitterRob Delaney is an American comedian who saw his career take off simply because of his Twitter popularity. Rob has actually been the winner of a couple of awards with him being the 2012 winner for funniest person on Twitter according to Comedy Central. His tweets are a mixture of observations, comments on current events, and of course there are some comedy quips in there that will raise a laugh.


Danny ZukerCredit: twitterDanny Zuker is one of the writers and executive producer of ABC's Modern Family.  If you are a fan of the show, you will enjoy Zuker's tweets.  His humour is often self deprecating and his observations are hilarious.  Every now and again, he will give behind the scenes info by live-tweeting one of his Modern Family episodes.


OnionCredit: twitterThe Onion can perhaps best be described as a news source that specializes in adding its own twist to news stories and indeed creating explosive headlines that have their roots firmly embedded in fantasy. The Onion has actually been responsible for duping a number of people including the Iranian news agency with some of their stories and their Twitter account will link you to various stories that they are responsible for and there is no doubt that you will laugh at the absurdity of some of their stories.  My favorite Onion story was when they profiled North Korean leader Kim Jung-Un as the sexiest man alive for 2012.  The China's Communist Party newspaper ran with the story and quoted the Onion's description of Jung-Un as “devastatingly handsome, round face, his boyish charm, and his strong, sturdy frame, this Pyongyang-bred heartthrob is every woman's dream come true.”


gselevatorCredit: twitterGS Elevator is certainly a different kind of Twitter account as it focuses on things that have been overheard in the elevators at Goldman Sachs. This does mean that you get some rather strange and obscure comments being posted, but the attraction has to be because of the company that it is linked to with the comments being quirky, funny, thought provoking, timely and downright strange.

Those are ten of the funniest tweeters that you can follow and there is no doubt that your updates will be brighter and cheerier than they are at this moment in time if you go ahead and make that decision to go ahead and follow them. One thing that you can be sure of is that the way you think about things in the world will change thanks to these nine people making you look at things from a different perspective, but at least it will all be lighthearted and if it makes you have a smile on your face when you check those updates in the morning, then following them has been well worth the effort.

Would love to hear who you feel belongs on this list.  Please leave you recommendations in the comments box below.