Are you looking for the best, completely unmotivational posters that are also funny? These are posters that aren’t the normal type of poster like a movie, celebrity, music, or sports print – they are funny and definitely out of the ordinary. If you’re in college, someone who enjoys humor or just someone who really doesn’t give a damn – these posters are for you!

Completely Unmotivated, I Don't Care Posters

This is perhaps the best demotivational poster you will find:

“Procrastination – I’ll find a picture for it later.”

Studying to Do? Have a Paper to Write? Who Cares?

 What else makes a good demotivational poster?

- In my opinion, it must be funny, original and stand out from the rest of the crowd.

- A bonus if its fits your own personality somehow. If you like drinking beer for instance it would make sense to include this somehow.

- Something that says “I’m bored and I don’t care!”

Why are Unmotivationals Posters Funny?

 - Basically a good one is funny because they are the exact opposites of the normal “motivational” poster, which you’ll see in any school or office these days.

- The whole purpose of those types of posters is to inspire and encourage people to work harder to achieve something. This, however, can work in the opposite way, getting on people’s nerves if they are in a bad mood.

- Sometimes when you are bored sitting at home, you just don’t care about these things so a good and funny unmotivational poster makes perfect sense. Some of these can be depressing and some very realistic but a good one should definitely make you laugh!

There are so many of these out there that it can be hard to find a good one but I hope I can help you here. I love this poster below of an Edgar Allen Poe quote:

Funny Edgar Allen Poe Poster

Teamwork Unmotivational Quote

Here's another funny one of a team rowing.

It reads: “Teamwork – Never underestimate the personal satisfaction of having plenty of others to blame for your own mistakes.”

Check out this funny rowing poster here.

Funny Rowing PosterCredit:







60's Housewife Funny Poster

Yet another funny unmotivational poster is this one of a 60’s housewife:

“Amazingly enough, I don’t give a s**t.”

It’s a retro vintage tin sign that I think is pretty funny.


Whether you are a college student looking to make people laugh or someone who wants to stand out and be different, getting a funny unmotivational poster will definitely turn some heads!