When it comes about Valentines Day, you can’t let anything unplanned. It’s a special day, the day of the year that you spend with the one you love the most. And it’s got to be a funny, so make sure you prepare some entertaining, amusing Valentines day games for the two of you, or even for the entire family, when there is the case.

Fun Valentines Day Games For The Entire Family

If you have kids and you want to spend this day as a family, you need some games to entertain every one. For example, you can buy some puzzles having love as the central theme: hearts, Cupids, flowers and more, and all of you can work together on them. A good idea is to search online for Valentines Day games. You’ll find a lot of printable materials, like coloring pages, special cards and more. Entertain your kids with a scrabble game, but change the rules a little, to fit the occasion: all words on the table need to have something to do with the day you’re celebrating. So, there will be a whole lot of love on that scrabble board. For your children, a Valentines Day hunt will be very amusing. Hide around the house some special gifts – chocolate, candies, stuffed animals – and give them the clues about where you hide the presents. The best part about this activity? It will also give you and your spouse some time just for you.

Valentines Day Games For Parties

If you’re organizing a Valentines Day party, here are some ideas about how to make your party more interesting.

Prepare a short questionnaire with questions meant to see how much your guests know about their partner: “Which is your partner’s favorite color?” “Which is your partner’s dream holiday?” are just some examples about what questions you can put in the questionnaire. First, you ask everyone to write on a piece of paper their favorite color, book, dream holiday or anything else in your questionnaire, and you keep the answers. Than, give a copy of the questionnaire to your guests and ask them to answer to the questions. The couple that has more correct answers about each other is the winner and wins the prize. Of course, you need to offer a prize with Valentines day games: a chocolate box, a bottle of fine wine or something else. A dancing contest is also very amusing. Draw some circles on the floor, with white chalk. The couples need to dance inside the circle and the one that dances longer without stepping the line is the winner.

Valentines Day Games For The Two Of You

If you’re planning to spend a romantic Valentines Day, you need some romantic games to play in this special day. The purpose of those games should be for the two of you to get to know each other better, if you became a couple only recently. If you’re together for a long time, you can still use the opportunity to reconnect.

For example, the two of you should write on separate pieces of paper the biggest desire you have and what you think it’s your partner’s biggest desire. Than, you change the papers and you see how much you know about each other. A sexy and romantic game for couples spending Valentines Day on their own is Twister. Everyone knows the rules, so all you have to do is start playing. Of course, who wins in this game isn’t really important.

Even the poker game can make a very interesting Valentines Day game, if you play it right. First, make some notes with things you would like from your partner. It could be anything, form: “I want you to do the dishes for a month” to “I want you to take me to Hawaii”. Each time one of the two loses a hand, he or she gets one of the partner’s notes, with the obligation of fulfilling what’s on the note.

Valentines Day Games – Fun And Romance

If you want to spend a truly amazing Valentines Day, start planning with some time in advance. If you want to throw a party, make sure the friends you want to invite are available. You need to be really careful about your guests. If one of your friends is not in a relationship for the moment, don’t invite him or her to a party where all the other guests are couples. Also, make sure that your Valentines Day Games aren’t embarrassing or annoying for the guests.