We all seen squirrels and tend to think they are very cute. Squirrels are in fact very cute, but they can also be annoying at times. Here are some very Funny Squirrels Videos:

Drunken Squirrel

The squirrel ate some pumpkin for lunch. Unfortunately the pumpkins had fermented and this little Squirrel got drunk for the first time ever. This is a funny video because the people did not intentionally get this squirrel drunk. There are a lot of squirrel launcher videos which seem funny; however many people also consider it to be animal cruelty when a squirrel is catapulted through the air. This drunken squirrel however is very funny. He will either never eat pumpkins again or he will continue to eat them as he looks for the pumpkins that fermented enough to get him drunk.

Squirrel Fight

These 2 squirrels in this video are fighting over seeds. The funnies things in this video are the way they stand up and the noises they make. I am glad that squirrels are small and not mega large sized like an elephant.

Housecat Squirrel

This squirrel has been a house pet ever since he was a tiny baby. The beginning of this 10 minute video shows him playing with the cats and his owner. He truly thinks he is just a part of the family. I guess he really is part of the family now though. My favorite part of this video is when he is trying to open up a Ziploc bag filled with peanuts.

A Squirrel Waterskiing

This is one of the coolest sports videos ever. How can you not love a video of a squirrel waterskiing? The squirrel loves to water-ski, people love to watch him water ski so this is truly a win win situation for everybody involved. If you have never seen this video then you definitely need to watch this cute little guy waterskiing.

Baby Squirrel

This video is not funny but it is damned cute. How often have you seen a baby squirrel? Most people that see squirrels in their yard rarely get a chance to see a baby squirrel. If you think squirrels are cute then check out the video below. Baby squirrels are definitely one of the cutest creatures on earth.

Momma Rescues Her Baby

Anybody who has children can understand the ultimate panic that must have came to this mother when she seen her baby being played with by a dog. She overcame her fear without thinking and was able to successfully rescue her baby from the grips of the evil housedog. How cool is that?

Decoy Attack

A fake squirrel was setup with peanuts by him. The others were wandering around when suddenly a real squirrel lunged out of nowhere and attacked the stuffed toy. When I want peanuts I simply go to the store and buy some. I am grateful that I do not have to attack anybody simply to get some nuts for a snack.

Peanut Butter Time

If you think these little creatures love peanuts then you should see them eating peanut butter. Oh wait, if you look down you can see this! This video shows a cute little furry guy eating the heck out of a jar of peanut butter. By the time he finished I am sure the bottle looked crystal clear with no signs of peanut butter having ever been there.


When one of these little guys eats too much peanut butter then they can potentiality get very fat. The video below shows a truly obese squirrel. This fatty looks more like a housecat.

Squirrel Attacks a Deer

This deer is attacked by the most unlikely of all suspects. This little guy is fearless as he scares the heck out of the deer and makes him take off into the woods.

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