The Sarah Palin dog wig The Joe barber dog wigpigtail dog wigrock star dog wigBob Marley dog wigReally bad but funny dog wig

Is there really such thing as dog wigs? Sure dog wigs actually exist! Some dog wigs can make quite the funny look for your dog. There's quite a few different styles to choose for your dog wig. Ruth Regina is the founder of a company called wiggles dog wigs. She's been making dog wigs for the past 20 years. Ruth Regina has been a makeup industry for the past for past 50 years, working with television and movie stars. Ruth Regina has even been on Letterman for her notoriety of dog wigs. Ruth Regina was the wig master for the entire run on the Jackie Gleason show. She's been a favorite in the entertainment industry for plenty of years now.

So have you ever thought about getting a funny dog wig for your pet? Funny dogs might provide your dog with a certain amount charm added to his or her look. There are some cute dog wigs to choose from. Dressing your dog with wigs might make great for photo albums, or dog contests that you're entering. A dog wig can be found on numerous of different looks. You might even find certain dog wigs of your favorite celebrity. Here's a few funny dog wigs I found for entertainment sake.

The Sarah Palin dog wig

Is there really enough Sarah Palin's in the world? I think one is enough. Well maybe you're a "you betcha" kind of person. This would make quite the funny dog wig for your pet. Let's just hope your dog is a she, and carries a feminine personality. Or better yet, if your dog has been a bad boy, this might make good enough punishment. After all, a dog's appearance means a lot to them even!

The Joe barber dog wig

Now this is a type of dog wig that provides a certain character to your dog. This dog wig has to define your dog's personality. Say he's the trash eating, food grubbing, toilet drinking kind of dog. This style would define your pet's personality. This is quite the funny and adorable dog wig to define your dog's personality. Maybe my beagle would appreciate this wig.

Pigtail dog wig

This dog wig will sure to get all the male dogs howling. This is quite the cute and funny dog wig for small, little female chiuaua dogs. Or if you want to be cruel, you could get this wig for a german shepherd, pitbull, or doberman pinscher. You know, to toughen up their appearance? I think I'd be extra frighten to see a doberman pinscher, wearing a pigtail wig barking, growling and foaming at the mouth. It might make great wigs for them as well.

Rock star dog wig

This is every 80's classic rock fans dream. This rock star look has style, charm, and beauty that comes with it. Actually, its a pretty horrific dog wig, but still quite funny to see this bad boy on any dog's head. The babes are back when rocking out with the dog wig.

Bob Marley dog wig

This Bob Marley dog wig would make even Bob Marley jealous. Any raggae loving person should have a Bob Marley dog wannabe to go with them. If you're into the entire dreadlocks look, this might make a great wig for your dog. It probably goes well with most dog breeds

Really bad but funny dog wig

This poor mutt, the look on his face says it all. "Why do I have such incompetent owners who insist I wear this silly weave." Is it even classified as a weave? Good question, either way it makes for a funny dog wig, that probably doesn't get many style points to go with it.