I’m convinced I have finally found the best upholstery cat hair remover sold today. I’ve been an avid cat owner for my entire life. When I was a baby in the crib the family cat slept with me. I love cats but even still I hate cleaning up their pet hair.

If you are anything like me you’ve probably used all the same pet hair removers as I have over the years and finally fallen back on the old time way of removing the hair: a simple roll of clear packaging tape.  Strangely this has always been my go to between products I’ve experimented with.

Enter the FurFighter Per Hair Remover

FurFighter Pet Hair Remover For UpholsteryScotch FurFighter Hair Removal is designed to do all the work of removing the hair with less of the hassle in a smaller amount of time. I’m not going to go over all the features, they are clearly described on the product page but let me just say that from a practical standpoint the FurFighter is awesome.

My wife and I have a long hair cat and two short hairs. One short hair cat sheds a ton and the long hair cat does too. We have a pretty basic living room setup with furniture that makes cleaning up pet hair easy (microsuede anyone?) but even still the FurFighter makes things simple.

We keep it in a drawer in our living room cabinet and every few days or so we just open it up and give a quick pass to our upholstery surfaces. The couch doesn’t take long at all because it is made of microsuede and the throw pillows are much the same.  We don’t have to labor with tape nor do we have to spend a long time on the project.  It’s simple – that’s what we love about it… and it’s not any more expensive than using lint rollers or even clear packaging tape.

With online shopping it’s easy to stock up on refill sheets for this little tool and when we do use it on fabrics that hair clings to a little more the bristle tip on the FurFighter help pick the hairs out of the fabric really quick. It would be nice if the cats didn’t get on the La-Z-Boy, but at least we can get it clean.

We’ve been using the upholstery hair remover in the living room mostly but we have taken it to the crib sheets in the baby’s room, our car for random hair accumulation (seriously have no idea how hair gets there, probably transfers from our clothes), and for our other household furniture.

Mostly we use it on the couches though. Because the sheets need to be replaced we typically use this routinely on the areas that need it more often and save our money on the areas that we don’t keep clean for houseguests. Even still the sheets are pretty affordable online in bulk… and if you have cats you are definitely going to be buying these sheets in bulk. A cat or dog is a commitment to hair maintenance (and love) for years to come.