Furminator Deshedding Tool is an amazing hand held simple shaving blade like device that scrapes the loose and extra hair growth extending out below the top coat. This is a wonderful grooming tool that makes your pet look at its best all trimmed and stylish with a professionally done look at the convenience of home itself. What I liked the most about Furminator Deshedding Tool is that it can be used on almost all the breeds of cat and dogs without bothering to change the blade set up. Further, it also comes in small, medium and large size to choose from and this option allows to save time otherwise you will have to spend more time on a large dog with small blade.

After going through the size, I picked up the medium one and it measures about 6x1x2-2/3 inches and the blade is 1-2/3 inch long. Though the stainless steel does not seem to be razor sharp, it is sharp enough to chop the hair without hurting the animal. There is no dragging and the hair falls out instantly as the blade smoothly glides over the pet's coat. The deshedding action is so gentle that I believe even my frizzy cat likes the subtle tickling sensation. However it is not that obvious to disturb the animal. Blade works like a mini vacuum pump sucking all loosely adhered hair sticking on to the dog's coat and this is done absolutely without annoying the animal.

Topcoat remains intact and actually this improves the look of the pet not just by the well groomed hair, but the smooth vibrating action helps to enhance the blood circulation like a hair massager. It activates the oil glands below the coat and this secreted natural oil makes the coat shiny and glowing. I repeat the Furminator Deshedding Tool only plucks out the loose dead hair and nothing else.

This blade is designed to handle both long and short hairs and it is incredible to see the amount of loose hair that the Furminator Deshedding Tool brings down. After using this, I no longer find small fur and hair flying inside the hall or settling on the carpet or brushing against my blanket. This must be highly useful to those guys who love to have pets at home but are threatened by the allergic reaction developed by the fleece. Once used for another 4 to 5 weeks, the shedding process is naturally decreased by 80% and there is nothing floating in air making you embarrassed before guests.