It's time to furnish some furnace comparisons for you today. When it comes time to replace that old furnace, or if you're installing a new one in your house, it is a good thing to know that companies keep on releasing better and better furnaces.

At the same time, the ever evolving furnace market can be a little tough to keep up with. I took a look at five of the major furnace brands to compare what they bring to the table.

The brands are: the Englander 28-3500, the Thermo-Control 500, the Williams 2509622, the Forsaire 6508732, and the Hamilton W8M100-317

Unlike other more complicated furnace comparisons, we will make things as simple as possible. I will discuss the BTU of each of the furnaces, as well as their price.

The Englander is a wood burning furnace with 80,000 BTU. The Englander sells for about 1,700 dollars.

The Thermo Control is also a wood burning furnace. It has 125,000 BTU. It sells for about 2,000 dollars.

The Williams is a gas burning furnace. It has 25,000 BTU. It sells for about 400 dollars.

The Forsaire is a gas burning furnace. It has 65,000 BTU. It sells for about 1,000 dollars.

The Hamilton is a gas burning furnace. It has 100,000 BTU. It sells for about 900 dollars.

First things first, you have to decide whether you want a wood burning or a gas burning furnace. A gas burning furnace will be infinitely more convenient for people living in the city.

If you live near some trees that you want to cut down, then the wood burning furnace might make more since.

As far as these comparisons go, between the wood burning furnaces, the Thermo-Control seems to be the better deal. The gas burning furnaces comparisons are another story.

If you only look at the BTU, then the Hamilton is the clear winner. When price is taken into account the Williams furnace starts to look much more tempting.

How big of a deal is it that the Williams furnace has only one fourth the BTU of the Hamilton? That depends on a couple things. First, it depends on the size of your home. If you live in a tiny house then it might not matter as much. If you live in a larger home, then you might have to buy two Williams furnaces just to heat your whole place.

Clearly, if you have a bigger house then the Hamilton furnace is the way to go. What if you have a medium sized house? Well, that's when my expertise comes in to play. I'd say go with the Hamilton because you might not have to leave your furnace on as long, and it would save you more money in the long run.

Lastly, in no regards does the Forsaire furnace win any category. It costs a ton and does not do as much. I cannot recommend the Forsaire furnace under the qualifications we are discussing. Hopefully, these considerations will help you figure out which furnace is right for you. Remember, you have choices, so make the best one.