Too many young couples today expect to buy a new home and furnish it with new furniture as soon as they get married.They need to step back and think again.We will all go grey in time without stressing out worrying how to pay for those exorbitant prices for your home and the furniture as well.




If you use your head you can still keep up with the Joneses if that is so important to you. Although wouldn't it be much better to budget when buying your furniture and keep your pockets lined for that unexpected illness or mechanical breakdown that was not expected.If you are careful and with a little bit of effort you can furnish your home for $1000 with the basic necessities for your home.




What with battling the interest rates, electricity, gas and fuel prices now all on the increase, we need to become more of a scrooge. These costs our beyond our control, but budgeting for your furniture is within your capabilities.




Take stock








Make a note of all the essentials that you will need to survive, whether you are renting or buying your home you still have to live.




The essentials for a couple:

·Double bed and mattress

·Dressing table and wardrobe if not built in

·Kitchen table and chairs


·Washing machine


·Lounge suite







I know you think you need coffee tables and and and… no you can do without them for now.Learn to take baby steps.You could probably do without a few of the other things in a pinch, but let's see how we can save money and spend as least as possible.




If you take your time and do not go like a bull at a gate you could furnish your home for even less than a $1000.Here is how to do it.




Before you start spending your hard earned money, tell your friends and their friends what you need in the way of furniture.Quite often they may be thinking of buying something new and will be glad to have you take their old stuff off their hands.







Garage Sales, flea markets or car boot sales- Yes I know, that is old stuff.Have you ever gone and really looked at old furniture.On the whole you will generally find that the older the furniture the more solid it will be.These days, most of it is made out of chipboard or malamine.If it gets wet, it will start to grow and bulge.If you do not believe me ask someone who knows.




We had our house flooded, and within a fortnight the malamine that looked like pine started to bulge where it had become wet.In fact the insurance assessor wrote it all off even a couple of our doors were replaced.I didn't think about the doors being of soft wood until then.So if you can find older or even antique furniture you are a mile in front.



Re-varnish and renovate old furniture










The best thing with renovating furniture is if you give it a light sand and either re-stain in a different color or just varnish it then the original owners will not even recognize it.Or if they do, they will probably wish they had thought of doing it.



In most cases this will last you longer than the new furniture which you could not afford to buy. And by renovating, you will have the feeling of achievement and satisfaction because you did it yourself.




Bedroom Furniture





Double bed – I would go and buy a secondhand base. Then shop around and always buy a new mattress, never settle for an old mattress as you never know what type of bugs may be in it.If possible do without a wardrobe and dressing table till you have saved for them. You could probably pick up the bed base for $20 and the mattress for $200 if you shop around. Barter with the shop assistants and play one company against the other.




Wardrobe and Dressing table – You could pick up a wardrobe or two for $50 and then suggest that they throw in a dresser for the price or offer a couple extra dollars.




Lounge Room – Shop around and depending on the size of your room buy something to seat four people.Like a two-seater and two single chairs.If the upholstery needs a lift then use a throw over covering on it until you can afford something else. Spend no more than $100.Or you could buy two sofa beds, then you have spare beds for visitors to stay overnight which gives you a double service.



For the TV, buy a small colored one. Spend $25. Even though the screen is smaller the picture you see will still be the same.






Kitchen - Look for a sturdy table and chairs. Many of the pine ones have bars under the chair that people have a habit of putting their feet on.Eventually these break and pull apart.Often people lean back in these type of chairs and break the backs off.A solid steel setting will last a lot longer and can also be repainted if necessary to give it a new look or paint with antique paint to make it look like wood.




If the chairs have a fabric cover you can recover or reupholster them quite easy and inexpensively. You should be able to pick up a good set for $50 or under.




FridgeThis is a priority.Make sure that you see it working and check that the freezer compartment is freezing up.If they have it turned off then do not buy until you make sure it works correctly.You could often pick up a good one for $100 and when you can afford a new one put it in the shed for a beer fridge so it will not be wasted.




Washing Machine - If you are really battling you can wash your clothes by hand.Yes a bit of work never hurt anyone.Put clothes in sink and leave to soak overnight in the washing detergent. If you really cannot manage this as you may break your fingernails (can't have that happen now can we) Then again shop around and make sure you see it working with a load of washing in it before paying out good money. Spend no more than $150.




Now that you have finished wheeling and dealing, yes I hope you bartered.That is right never ever pay their asking price.Remember, if they want a sale they will deal.If necessary, leave and come back just before the garage sale closes.Okay you may lose on one or two sales but on the whole you will come out in front.Often you will see something better or even cheaper.Don't become disheartened, Rome wasn't built in a day.You will survive.




As we budgeted for $1000 and you spent a lot less, then why not buy some crockery to cook and eat from or something else that you desperately need.




So instead of spending several thousands of dollars, you have done it for well under $1000.If you take into consideration that you had to buy some stain or varnish and a cover for your lounge, you are still a mile in front.And you do not have to pay it off and live in fear of the debt collector knocking on your front door if you lose your job.That's right. It is all yours and no one can take it off you.Don't you feel pleased with yourself for achieving so much? You did it you were able to furnish your home for under $1000.




Buying your home





As there are only two of you, do you really need to put your neck in a noose for a big four bedroom two bathroom home? If you were to settle for buying a smaller home you could also save thousands of dollars on interest by reducing the price of your housing loan.