Reclaimed Wood Furniture from Recycled Hardwood

Furniture made from reclaimed wood is becoming more popular with people interested in living an eco friendly lifestyle as well as those who simply like the style of furniture.  Reclaimed wood furniture such as coffee tables can easily be incorporated into a variety of design styles such as shabby chic. By using recycled hardwood such as antique wood flooring planks for home furnishings fewer trees are cut down for the wood needed to build furniture, so they are made of sustainable wood which of course is better for the environment. When you choose to use hardwood furniture made from reclaimed wood you are making a small contribution towards helping to preserve forests and reduce unsustainable logging practices.

Antique Wood flooring Recycled Into Furniture

A reclaimed wood coffee table or any type of recycled hardwood furniture made from reclaimed wood can be made of many different types of salvaged wood including pine, oak, teak, walnut, cherry, maple and other varieties. A majority of reclaimed lumber used in recycled wood furniture is salvaged from old buildings such as barns or other old wooden structures that are being torn down. The hardwood materials are sorted to determine what can be salvaged to be turned into furniture and the good lumber is selected, processed and sorted.  Many old building have wide plank hardwood floors which are ideal for reuse as furniture.  This antique wide plank wood flooring was typically made of pine or oak, though many other different salvaged wood varieties are available depending on your location and what is currently being salvaged and recycled.

Whether using old hardwood wide plank flooring or other materials, care must be taken when refinishing reclaimed wood to make sure old nails and other hardware is removed and the salvaged wood is then refinished and often polished or stained to bring out the character and natural beauty of the wood. A lot of craftsmanship goes into making furniture made from reclaimed wood and using the unique characteristics of the aged wood. Many types of wood such as cherry, walnut, and maple age beautifully and develop a naturally rich, deep color. Old nail holes, scratches and the patina of age give the reclaimed wood furniture a unique look unable to be reproduced by modern furniture made from new materials even if it's manufactured using a faux distressed technique.

All types of green furniture made from reclaimed wood can be built, including dining room tables, reclaimed hardwood coffee tables, kitchen cabinets, cupboards, small desks, chairs and mirror frames.

If you have experience with woodworking or are just naturally handy, you can even make your own reclaimed wood furniture. However, it does take some time to make recycled hardwood furniture. Perhaps the most difficult part of the process is sourcing good quality hardwood than can be recycled and made into an attractive coffee table or cabinets.  Fortunately, for those of us with little talent in the woodworking department or without a ready source of antique wide plank hardwood floors or other old lumber, furniture made from reclaimed wood is available for purchase online.

Interesting and attractive home furnishings such as a reclaimed wood coffee table makes a great accent to any room decor as well as being an excellent conversation starter. Having furniture made from reclaimed wood is a smart way to reuse precious natural resources. It also makes for great looking furniture with a lot of character that will last for years to come.