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Rental furniture has become a nationwide phenomenon in the past few decades. Although it was unheard of in the early twentieth century, it is now an increasingly popular way for individuals and businesses to deal with the problem of quickly and attractively furnishing their properties. Because of our mobile society, there are many reasons why people may need rental furniture at different times in their lives. Here is a run-down of some of the occasions when rental furniture may be a logical alternative to buying similar items for your home.

Rent to Own

Some people rent furniture as a way of buying the items they need as inexpensively as possible. It is actually a type of lease-purchase program that helps people who need furniture, but have limited available cash and credit. The advantage of rent to own programs is that they allow people to immediately begin to use the pieces that they will eventually own. The furniture that is available through these programs is often newer and of higher quality than buyers might be able to find in the want-ads, or purchase from a thrift store.

Residential Rental Furniture

Other people use rental furniture when they have no intention of ever purchasing it. This is for those who have a temporary need for decorating a property and wish to return everything at the end of that term … usually a period of at least three months, and no more than three years. This is ideal for people who need furniture when they have been temporarily relocated to a new city. It allows them the freedom to rent a house or apartment, without being limited by properties that already furnished. It also enables them to select from a wide variety of furniture choices, choosing the style most suited to their tastes and needs. Rental furniture is often used by professional athletes who are not sure how long they will be with a specific team, traveling health care professionals, and visiting professors. It is also used by people who are going through a divorce, and need furniture quickly and affordably. The rental items they choose can usually be delivered and set up within two days.

Residential rental furniture can include television sets, DVD players, washers and dryers and similar appliances. You can even request houseware packages that may include artwork, towels, cooking and dining utensils, rugs, plants, and everything you may need to set up house, right down to a broom and dish towels!

Residential furniture rental is ideal for people who know that they will be moving in a few years or less and who do not want the trouble and expense of moving a household full of furniture … which can easily cost $5,000 to $10,000. Although the consumers pay a monthly fee, they save the original purchase price of the items they need, as well as the cost of moving and/or storing it in the future. Rental furniture is also an option for those who like to change their home décor every few years.

Home Staging

Many home sellers, Realtors, and builders use rental furniture in order to attractively stage a home that is for sale. This is a great option for sellers who have moved out of their homes, since furnished homes often look better and sell faster than empty ones. It allows the Realtor or decorator to pull together whatever they need from the catalog of the rental company, in order to create a look that will bring out the best features of a home.

For example, if the breakfast room looks tiny when it is empty, the decorator can select a cute café table and chair set that will fit comfortably into the space. This will show prospective buyers that the room is large enough to accommodate the necessary furniture. If a living room has an unusual shape or feature, such as a corner fireplace, the decorator can select items that can be attractively arranged in a way that is suited to the room. This will help prospective buyers see how livable the room actually will be, and it makes it easier for them to visualize how they might arrange their own furniture.

Builders frequently use rental furniture, rather than purchasing it. It is much less expensive for them, and it saves them the problem of having to dispose of the furniture when they no longer need it. It also allows them to showcase their model homes with expensive, elegant pieces which make the houses look their best!

Special Events and Party Rentals

Another reason why individuals may choose to rent furniture is for parties or special occasions. Are you having a wedding reception at your home? The caterer or wedding planner may arrange for rental tables and chairs to be delivered, set up and removed a few days later. They can also provide table clothes and other accessories that are designed to complement the items they use.

Other users of rental furniture may need it for special events such as trade shows and similar corporate presentations. Movie and television producers sometimes turn to furniture rental to find specific items that they will need for a short period of time.

Commercial Rentals

Furniture is often rented for use in temporary offices, as well. For example, if the government or an insurance company needs to move quickly to set up offices near a disaster area, there are rental companies that will help them get set up in just a couple of days. This is a fast, efficient way to get an office up and running quickly.

For the same reason, some new companies will turn to furniture rental when they are first starting out. This helps them to preserve their capital for their business needs. Furniture rental may also be necessary when a company is expanding rapidly, or going into new markets, and offices need to be set up as quickly and economically as possible.

On other occasions, rental furniture may be necessary when a company needs to temporarily relocate because their permanent office has been damaged due to fire or weather. There is no need to purchase office furniture if you will only need it until you are able to move back into your headquarters, after the damage has been repaired and your office furnishings have been replaced.

Business Outlook

It is difficult for new investors to become involved in the furniture rental industry. They would need to make a significant initial capital investment in furniture, household goods, storage, trucks for distribution, and manpower. However, for those companies that are already in business, the future outlook is promising, since our society continues to grow more mobile and there is a continuing need for temporary housing and office space. As a result, many of the large furniture rental companies that are now in business will continue to expand into new markets.

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