Furniture Sliders - A 'Must Have' DIY Tool

My Package of Furniture SlidersCredit: Jeni10

Furniture Sliders Make Quick Work of Heavy Decorating Jobs

Answer: Furniture sliders. Question: Your guy is MIA for the weekend with his former college football buddies; that means it's your chance to take advantage of this time to rearrange the living room sofa, loveseat, and matching chairs. How do you accomplish this feat?

An Open Package of Furniture SlidersCredit: Jeni10"I am woman, hear me roar" - has always been your mantra, but realistically you're not lifting a sofa, loveseat, and two chairs by yourself! So, short of hiring Super Man, what are you going to do? It's not necessary to summon a super hero, but instead, purchase a package of furniture sliders.

Since we cannot single-handedly lift sofas, bookcases, china hutches, dressers, etc. how are we to move these pieces from place to place within our apartment and home? If we slide these items across wood, vinyl, tile, or stone floors, chances are great that we are going to scratch these floor surfaces. And if we do not mar our floors, these heavy furnishings will, at best, not slide easily due to contact friction with the flooring.

And if we try to slide them over carpet, we may fare better in regards to friction, but the base of these furnishings may snag and tear the delicate fibers in our carpet. The type of carpet, the height and type of carpet pad, and both their conditions, will determine how well your carpet will hold up in this situation.

Furniture sliders will eliminate these problems, and they are designed to work on the above mentioned floor types. Furniture sliders are typically sold in packages of four; meaning one package contains four furniture sliders.

Below, I will share my review of furniture sliders, which is based on my experience using them, on hardwood floors, to help my parents move a dresser and chest of drawers. I also offer a few tips on using furniture sliders, which make the moving process even smoother.


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Furniture sliders versus Dresser and Chest of Drawers

The task was to move one dresser and one chest of drawers out of one room and into another, across a large, open expanse of wood flooring. The furniture sliders did an awesome job.

For starters, I recommend selecting large furniture sliders, as there is ample room for getting the base of the dresser on them. Also, the larger of the furniture sliders minimize the chance of the base slipping off during the sliding process.

As I stated earlier, furniture sliders allow you to slide your furnishings across the floor without scratching it. That is the theory, and it works great. However, when we used the furniture sliders to move the dresser and chest of drawers, we took one other precaution to ensure this theory did not fail.

Think about this: You return home after a workout at the gym and an errand running blitz. Small pebbles have accumulated in the treads of your cross trainers, and now they fall from your soles, depositing themselves onto your floor. If you slide the furniture sliders across this debris, the debris will scratch your flooring.

The way to prevent this is to quickly clean the floors, before using the furniture sliders. My dad likes Swiffer floor cleaning products; I prefer a vacuum, and my mom … well, she has my dad and I, so she prefers supervising! Seriously, it does not matter which product you choose, just make sure your flooring is free of debris before using the furniture sliders.

Next, lift one corner of the piece to be moved, and using your foot, scoot one of the furniture sliders into place, remove your foot, and lower the base onto the slider. Aim for getting all the bases in the center of the furniture sliders, so they do not slip off while you are moving. Now, depending on your own personal strength, and the weight of the piece, you may need more than one person lifting each corner. In the case of our dresser and chest of drawers, my mom and I were each able to lift our respective corners to position the furniture sliders.

A word of caution: please be mindful and careful of your back. This article is not a medical treatise so I am not quoting statistics, but I know that most back injuries, regardless of age and level of fitness, come from poor lifting. Back injuries can plague someone for a lifetime. Lift only what you can, and ask for help when you need it.

Once we had the dresser base positioned onto the furniture sliders, all we had to do was slide it. Since this was not a NASCAR race, speed was not a necessity. One of us pulled, and the other pushed, until the dresser was in its new home. Then, lifting each corner, we removed the furniture sliders, and voilà, the dresser had a new home.

You may have noticed that I referenced my mom and I moving the dresser and chest of drawers, rather than my dad. Due to a joint issue, a hip in need of repair, these two pieces would have been too much for him to either pull on or push. However, even with this bad joint, he has used the furniture sliders to move other smaller items in the house.

So where do I get furniture sliders?

Amazon has an excellent selection of furniture sliders. Brand wise, furniture sliders seem to be about the same. In other words, I am not advocating using one manufacturer over another. Like I noted above, I like the bigger furniture sliders, as I feel there is ample room for the base, plus they will work for larger furnishings with a larger base.

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Furniture sliders are a smart investment, considering all the times that they will come in handy. Not only will they save the day when you feel the "urge" to rearrange the furnishings in your room, but also when you move pieces in and out to paint. In so many ways, furniture sliders make decorating, preparing for holidays and parties, and just enjoying your place so much easier.

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Remember … have furniture sliders – move furniture!