Chocolate brown Jacquard 3 piece Furniture cover setCredit: Amazon

Are you tired of looking at the same old furniture day after day? Unsightly stains, new decor or outdated material and patterns on your current furniture bringing you down but you don't want to spend thousands to replace it all? Furniture slipcovers can potentially save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over replacing your old or worn out furniture.

Nowadays you can find furniture covers in an assortment of materials and fabrics, colors and patterns and designed to fit just about any style of furniture. There are slip covers for sofas, ottomans, recliner's, loveseats and just about any other piece of fabric covered furniture you might have in your living room or your kitchen, for that matter.

Most styles are created to prevent slipping of the furniture covers when in use and are designed to hold up to repeated daily usage. Slipcovers for the furniture are simple to put on and for most brands offer easy care instructions and are durable enough to hold up to repeated washings. So if you simply want to change the color scheme or decor in your living room rather than replacing everything to fit your new theme you can merely change its appearance.

One can find a lot of benefits to using slipcovers. A lot of the brands that offer chair and couch covers offer them in materials that are easy to clean up. So they can be just as easy, well actually quite a bit easier since they slip off and can be washed, to take care of and maintain than an actual solid piece of furniture. This makes them an even more appealing option for parents of young children as well as pet owners.

Cost of Furniture Slipcovers

Price will vary - depending on type of furniture being covered, product brand, purchase location and fabric and materials. The average prices for furniture slip covers will range anywhere from $40 to over $200 a piece. For some this may sound expensive but when compared to the price you would likely be expected to pay to replace your sofa, ottoman or chair alone it's a mere pittance in comparison.

When to Use Furniture Slip covers

  • To mask old, unsightly and outdated furniture. 
  • When you want to change the theme or color scheme of a room.
  • To help an oddball piece of furniture blend better with your chosen decor or style in a particular room.
  • To make furniture cleaning simpler. The easy to remove design covers make cleaning up after pets and kids simple.

What Type of Furniture Can You Buy Slipcovers for

Furniture slipcovers make redecorating the house and changing the color scheme an easy, efficient and fairly cost-effective task for the living room and dining room areas. You can purchase slipcovers for couches/sofas, futons, fitted mattress, wingback chairs, cushion and pillow, armless chairs kitchen chairs, recliners, loveseats and Ottomans. The majority cover a broad range of sizes for example the Maytex pixel stretch two-piece slipcover (for sofas) will will stretch to fit a couch that measures 74 inches to 96 inches wide and 32 inches up to 39 inches high and 36 inches to 4 inches deep you can also find sure fit covers that are designed to stretch over more specific styles of furniture.

Furniture Slip Cover Patterns

Whether you're looking for recliner covers, sofa slipcovers, covers for a mattress or a fabric cover to fit a different type of furnishing you can rest assure that with some looking you won't be stuck with boring choices. You can find a broad array of patterns, designs and colors so whether you are looking for striped, plaid, solid, print or floral slipcovers there is a brand that has designs made to suit just about any pattern or color scheme.

Custom Slipcovers for Furniture

For those who are in search of a hard-to-find color, a pattern that's not readily available or who have furniture that is hard to fit – perhaps custom , overstuffed, oddly shaped, extra long, extra wide, T cushions or other styles styles or designs that are hard to fit there are other options. Custom slipcovers are offered from a variety of retail stores and perhaps some upholstery or reupholstering shops as well and can be made specifically to fit custom measurements often in stretch as well as non-stretch fabrics and materials . If you find a furniture slipcovers that you like but it's too large for your furniture often places that will customize covers can simply resize it to fit your needs. Most of these locations will offer an assortment of easy fit and ready made covers as well as covers customized to your furniture and or cover color and pattern needs.

You will likely find custom slipcovers for furniture to be pricier than standard off-the-shelf sizes you would find in places such as Amazon, Walmart or other online and retail stores. Expect prices to very depending on your needs and the item being covered.