hopping for a futon mattress can sometimes be a long and tedious journey. Not all mattresses are equal and choosing the right one can take a bit of thought. This is because most people aren't that knowledge about futons or futon mattresses. In this article, I will answer the three most common questions that people ask when they shop for a futon mattress.

What is the best filling I should choose?

Most mattresses will fall into three categories - cotton, foam and inner spring. While cotton is often found in a discount futon mattress, it is also prone to sagging out of shape after use and more absorbent of liquid spills. Foam mattresses are more comfortable but can reflect your body heat which makes them very hot during the warmer months (but good insulation in the winter). Inner spring mattresses give the most support and are the most comfortable. They are however, the most expensive mattresses that you can buy.

What is the best thickness?

With the filling being equal, a thicker mattress will be a more comfortable mattress. Most futon mattresses range from 6 inches to 9 inches. A 6 inch mattress should only be reserved for a futon that will get only occasional use. A 9 inch mattress is best for a futon that will be used daily as a bed. However, a thicker mattress will be a heavier mattress and can be difficult to move when it is time to change the futon from a bed into a couch.

What is the best mattress to look after?

Inner spring mattresses are the most easy to care for. You will only need to turn them over every 12 months or so. On the other hand, cotton needs plenty of looking after. You will need to rotate a cotton mattress every time you use it and it is often a good idea to massage the cotton back to its original shape. You should also air a cotton mattress out on a regular basis in fresh air and sunlight. This is because cotton will absorb smells and liquids.

Getting the right futon mattress is about choosing the best filling and thickness based on what you will be using the futon for. After you have bought the mattress you will need to care for it and the mattress filling will determine how much work this will be. Answer these three questions above for yourself and you will on your way to enjoying your new futon mattress.