The most important thing about choosing a futon mattress is the comfort. With a comfortable mattress you can enjoy a good night's rest and the relaxing moments in front of the TV. Without it, your experience of the futon will be greatly diminished. It is not uncommon for people to buy a futon mattress that is uncomfortable and this is because they have made a mistake in choosing their mattress. In this article, I will outline the top 3 mistakes that cause people to buy the wrong mattress for them.

1. The Wrong Filling

Many people will go out and buy the cheapest futon that they can find. Unfortunately, a cheap futon mattress won't necessarily have the most comfortable filling.

Cotton is the cheapest filling but it has it shares of most problems. It is prone to sagging and lumps after just a short time of use. It is also more absorbent than other materials so you will need to be careful around liquids. Foam is better and the more expensive types can be extremely durable and comfortable. The best however, are innerspring mattresses due to their comfort and support. These types of mattresses are the same as most beds you would be familiar with.

2. The Wrong Thickness

In general, thicker mattresses are more comfortable than thin mattresses. A futon that will double as a main bed and that will see regular use should be 9 inches in thickness. This will give you a good night's sleep and would be at the same comfort level as most normal beds. If however, you are after a spare or day bed that will only get the occasional visitor then 6 inches should be satisfactory. Just be warned though, a 6 inch mattress (especially if it is made from cotton) will not be the most comfortable mattress you will have slept on.

3. Poor Maintenance

You need to look after your mattress after you have bought it. If you don't, it will deteriorate faster than it otherwise would have and you'll be stuck with an uncomfortable, lumpy bed or couch. It is a good idea to turn the mattress over on a regular basis. This will ensure that filling gets moved around and will allow any lumps to be evened out. Cotton mattress will need to be rotate often, perhaps after every time that it is used.

These three mistakes are easily avoided and you can use this advice to choose a discount futon mattress quickly. By choosing the right filling and thickness, and then looking after your futon mattress, you will have a very comfortable and pleasing futon that you can use into the years ahead.